P365 – Day 30 (Tues w/RJ)

The sun was out today – what a delight! The children took several short breaks throughout the day to go ride scooters and bikes or just run around outside.

Rachel (age 11) wants to grow her hair long but she struggles with tangles. I recommended she try braiding it or otherwise putting it up at night. She looked a bit ‘curly’ this morning.

curly Rj

The Sonlight Forum (we’re using Sonlight for much of our homeschooling studies this year) has a wonderful list of supplemental resources for each of the levels of study. We are working our way through SL5 Eastern Hemisphere and just finished up a big stack of books on Korea from the library. We finished Korea a week or two ago but I was late in requesting these books (or they were late in arriving) so our reading is a bit off from our schedule. Still, I think the books (some of them for the younger reader) add a wonderful richness to our study on Korea. Sarah and David love to read books so lately I’ve been including them in our Korean studies. One set of authors, sisters, Frances and Ginger Park, have written several books about their family’s experiences in Korea. Some of them are poignant and all the more moving knowing they are based on true stories.
book 2

As we continue our daily study of Proverbs – the three older children and I read one chapter of Proverbs aloud each day – I find our comprehension growing, along with our Bible collection. At the onset of this study I had each of the children find an NIV Bible – I found it MUCH easier if we were all reading out of the same translation. Well, today things expanded a bit. It all started when Daniel wanted to use his New King James and then Joshua wanted to read the study notes in his MacArthur Bible. I couldn’t resist – I had to get my Life Application study Bible. And so it went until I counted and realized we had seven Bibles opened on our laps. That seems a bit excessive between four people. Lol.

bible stackBible spread out

We also worked through a Bible quiz that I received from a friend, years ago. It was fun going through the questions and seeing how much the children could answer. I think we might work further on it and see if we can memorize the different scriptures and get all the way through the questions. We stopped at #106 and there were MANY still ahead of us.

Jodi C.- are you reading this blog??? Thanks for sending the Bible quiz to me. I think it’s an excellent teaching tool. Are you all still using it?

In the afternoon we met Tim at the Y for swim lessons and wallyball. I actually remembered to bring my camera this time so I have pictures to post. Hooray. I didn’t get any great ones of David but it’s not his special day so I have until the end of the week to do better.

Rachel often helps Tim and Joshua get the net set up.

getting up

almost there

I can reach it

Here she is, ready for the ball!

rachel is ready for the ball

Digression into dinner rambling:

My green salsa chicken dish (basically boneless chicken breasts baked with salsa on top) turned out a little spicier than I had intended (should have realized “medium” salsa would be a little much for my ‘like it rather mild’ family) so I used the leftover sauce from the baking pan to create a tortilla soup. I poured the chicken drippings and salsa into a saucepan, added two cans of stewed tomatoes, some pinto beans and a little lime juice and let it simmer. Yum! At the last minute I tossed in some frozen sweet corn.

I served it with taco shells (didn’t have any tortilla chips – had to improvise) and sour cream. Joshua loved it! He added his chicken to the stew and had at least two bowls. Tim said it was a little too spicy for him and the rest of the family stuck to the stir-fry veggies and chicken which looked safe and totally ‘unspicy’.

The children are doing a great job of taking care of the kitchen clean up after meals. Daniel is on dinner duty this week and he handled all the mess – put the leftovers into containers, wiped up counters and the table, washed pots and pans, and loaded all the dishes into the dishwasher. Such a huge help to their Mama!!

Back to Rachel’s Special Day:

Rachel chose to play Five Crowns and Wizards for her Special Day Game. It was our first time playing Wizards and we all enjoyed it. We didn’t have time to play very many rounds – we’ll have to play it again soon. It’s a version of my family’s favorite, 7 Ups and Downs.

joshua and wizards

Five Crowns has already become a favorite. It’s easy enough to teach new people (very important at our house where we like to grab the random visitor and include them in our game) and the rounds are fairly short/quick.

five crowns

coy girl

Tim started The Silver Chair after the games were over. I have to admit that I’m a bit surprised that the children are so excited to read the Narnia series again. It seems like the stories are VERY familiar to them – we have almost all of them on tape or cd (produced by Focus on the Family), we’ve read all the books, and they’ve seen various movie productions of the different books. Still, they are wonderful books and the entire group (with the exception, perhaps, of Sarah) are captivated by the story. How delightful that they have a father who is willing to sit down and read to them.

The children are fighting sore throats. Rachel had hot tea and Daniel requested some Tylenol this evening before bed.

Another busy, full day here.


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6 thoughts on “P365 – Day 30 (Tues w/RJ)”

  1. I used to braid Hayley’s hair and she liked the tight curls it would leave for a couple days after. Lately she has been on a hat wearing phase so we never do anything special with her hair.

    The volleyball looks fun!

  2. I love the Narnia stories. I gave the sets to Andy and Travis. So far- they haven’t read them. I think Mason and Chloe would love them. Their dads fear they are too ‘religious’. Gotta pray about those guys!!

    Sweet pics of dear Rachel. Love you all. Aunt Kate

  3. Did they go and see the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe movie when it came out? Definitely an adventure tale! Thanks for commenting! Love you!

  4. Your daughter Rachel has a sweet demeanor.

    Wow, impressed you can get your little people to even eat Mexican! We do veggies with butter and salt — but can’t be very adventuresome with food like mix the veggies into things! Also, we have to avoid dairy, soy, tomato, and we have to limit wheat due to food allergies. Any tips to help people be adventurous, or do you have any ease-them-into-it recipes you could recommend? I can usually do substitutions for those things. Mine like meat alone, veggies alone, fruit alone, hah, and I’d love to encourage them to mix it up a bit. Anne

  5. Anne–I have mixed success with getting the children to be adventurous in their eating. Joshua (oldest) is the most willing to try new things but he’s also very definite about what he does NOT like. Daniel and David like some veggies that the rest of the family will not touch. I’m worried that Sarah has become a bit picky (which does not go over well in our family). I didn’t know you all had so many food allergies. How did it fare when you were in China?

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