Skype is Great!

I must admit I LOVE Skype!!! Go to to read more about this amazing internet phone service. This evening Tim and Joshua were lounging about in Cream Puff and her mother (the couch – needs a creative name) when Joshua suddenly jumped up, saying someone was trying to Skype us.

comfy and cozy

Don’t they look cozy!

Who could it be but my wonderful friend, Tina, calling from Thailand. What an astounding thing it is to be able to talk, over the computer, to someone who is halfway across the world. Not only that but to hear her clearly without hardly any delay in the transmission. I could even make out the dogs barking outside her house! Wow!!

It was school time so Rachel wasn’t able to talk to the girls. Zachary, however, was home, sick, so he and Daniel had a fun little chat.

keyboard in hand


It was 9:30 pm here and 12:30 pm there (but different days) which is mind boggling if you think too hard about it. Ha! I am so thankful for modern technology in times like this.


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3 thoughts on “Skype is Great!”

  1. How fun and cool that you could talk to your friend all the over in another country on the computer! Technology amazes me.

    Also, your guys look so comfortable reading all wrapped up in their blankets. That is my favorite thing . . a good book, a soft blanket and a roaring fire! Can’t beat it!

  2. Emily–do you get enough cold weather in FL to enjoy blankets and roaring fires? I love the pictures of your fire pit! That looks like fun.

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