P365 – Day 31 (Wed w/DJ)

Today is Daniel’s (age 9) Special Day. The ‘special’ part of his Special Day (ie. where he gets to spend time with Tim) is moved to Saturday (again). Wednesdays are awfully crowded with school, PE, piano lessons, work, and then AWANA/ROCK at church. As Rachel says, “That’s a lot of things.” Rachel is sitting beside me, helping me blog. Oh wait, I think she just fell asleep. You can tell it’s not HER Special Day I’m writing about. Lol!

The day was foggy at the onset but the clouds eventually cleared and the sun came out. Hooray! The children all went outside after lunch to play and enjoy the (fleeting) sunshine. Daniel and Joshua have an elaborate game involving two large sticks and an Aerobie. Hmmm. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

in action

Daniel in action!

The game continues with David riding his scooter amidst the boys’ game.


joshua throwsin the streetdavid scooterjoshua stick

One joy of homeschooling is the children’s recess playmates are their siblings. Sweet.

At lunch time today we had the pleasure of seeing Tim’s parents. They are often in town on Wednesdays and come by to say hello or deliver mail/packages/etc. They are usually busy so we don’t get much of their time but today they brought their own lunches and ate with us. What a treat to have some time with them. I quickly grabbed my camera and got some pictures.

Daniel, David and g'pa

daniel and g'ma

All the children enjoy the occasional hot cocoa or hot apple cider break in the afternoon. Daniel and Rachel are also fond of tea. They fix their hot drinks in big travel mugs and bring them to our school/couch time. Daniel’s favorite tea is French Vanilla. Today he added some pumpkin spice creamer.

hot tea

Ah, living the good life. Happy Special Day, Daniel. We love you!

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2 thoughts on “P365 – Day 31 (Wed w/DJ)”

  1. My inlaws live right down the street but my parents live about 2 1/2 hours away. it is great having some family close by!

  2. When we were first married we lived in CT, far away from family. By the time our firstborn turned one we were ready to move closer to family. It was a toss up between my family (Michigan) or dh’s (Washington). My family pushed harder (ha!) so we ended up in Michigan. It was a wonderful time – I loved being able to attend my dad’s church. We lived there for five years and then we moved to WA. Dh asked if we could try it for at least 3 years. We’ve been here 8! My goodness. That’s a long time. I would LOVE to be back in Michigan near my family but the cold weather (BRRRR!) and employment situation (low jobs in MI right now) keep us happily in WA (among other things).

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