P365 – Day 56

What a day! It’s evening and the house is finally quiet. Daniel did a great job of cleaning up the kitchen from dinner (a rather impromptu affair but still involving dishes and food to put away). Joshua helped me put together a lunch for Tim, so that is all completed. Rachel and Sarah did some laundry for me which is always a tremendous help.

Just before bed time the little ones were restless and starting to lean toward becoming downright rowdy. Rachel graciously (she only charges me a nickel per book, which I think is a pretty good deal) took them to the living room to read some books.



Our Sunday School class was very small this morning. Nonetheless, we had an excellent discussion of the first part of I Corinthians 10. Daniel and I worked in Sarah’s preschool class during the second hour while Rachel helped lead worship for the elementary age kids and Tim took the rest of the children to church.

After church we went to Target – mainly to stock up on cereal (great prices) and a few other things. I had my camera with me and almost took a picture of our cart full but was afraid to shock my readership with the amount of sweet cereal that ends up on our pantry shelves. I’m not even going to mention the rogue package of Pop Tarts that somehow managed to find its way in to the shopping cart.

By the time we got home I was thoroughly hungry and practically shoved aside the family in my rush to get inside and make myself lunch. That’s what happens when you work in the preschool room and miss out on the Sunday sermon, all your base, 4 year old tendencies rise right to the surface. After lunch we got an e-mail about an important (last minute) meeting that we needed to attend. Whew, not much time for resting or relaxing. No naps for us.

When I was growing up my parents always took a nap on Sunday afternoons. I’m afraid my mother spent most of the time trying to keep us quiet, while my dad dozed fitfully to the sounds of “Shhh, quiet, you’re father is trying to sleep. Why don’t you take a little rest as well.” Followed by our ‘helpful’ cries of, “OH! Guys!! Dad’s sleeping, be quiet!!!” shouted up and down the stairs. I doubt Mom actually got a nap herself until my brothers hit high school. At that point it was routine to come by our house on Sundays and find a movie playing quietly in the background and all sorts of people (some of them even related to me) relaxing and napping in the family room.

The meeting went very well although it was draining. I did manage to score a latte in the process (always a plus in my book and one of the great joys of holding meetings at coffee shops).

tim coffee shop

We had about an hour until our next outing so I snuck into my favorite quiet spot, my cozy bed. We have a heated mattress pad which is wonderful! I use it every day and am completely spoiled by never having to get into a cold bed. Tim gave it to me for Christmas last year and it’s probably one of my all time favorite presents. It makes the bed all toasty and warm – nothing like sliding under those pre-heated covers. We also have our down comforter on the bed (wedding present from my mom’s siblings – thank you!!!!) with a denim duvet cover. Add to the mixture lots and lots of pillows and it’s just a dreamy spot.

Tina – try not to sweat just hearing me talk of down comforters and electric mattress pads. What’s the temperature in Thailand this week?

Mind you, it wasn’t a very “quiet” quiet spot since the three younger children kept popping in to tell me different things and eventually Tim came upstairs to read The Silver Chair to the kids in the hallway. Still, it was a moment of solace and I claimed it as MY TIME (all 15 or 20 minutes of it).

Right around dinner time we went to the Concert of Prayer at the church. It was a good time of singing and prayer. I was pleased to see a woman from our small group. We sat together and even got the chance to be in a “prayer huddle” for part of the time.

It is interesting to me how God orchestrated the events of the day. He knew we weren’t having Small Group in our home and could afford the time for an afternoon meeting. He also knew I would be in Sarah’s classroom during church and arranged for a special worship service to be scheduled that evening. He’s so creative and all-knowing and loves ME.

Tim was a sweetheart and filled the van up with gas after dropping us off at home. I managed to come up with a dinner that would feed the hungry masses while he was gone. We watched the end of a movie and were settling in for the evening when I got a phone call. Turns out there was an important e-mail waiting for us on the computer and needed some attention. So much for relaxing over the last bit of the day.

I am really in awe of how my dad, father-in-law, and other pastors, handle the many relationships of their church flock; the ups and downs, trials, conflicts, and joys that come with working closely with a diverse (and flawed) group of people. The small bit that I have experienced over the years (and today in particular) was exhausting. I am so thankful that Tim and I have been committed and faithful in our prayer time, both alone and together, since the beginning of the year, as it is only through God’s grace and strength that we can meet these challenges with humility, love and patience.

Truly we can hold firmly to those familiar verses in Philippians 4.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

It is one thing to know the verses, to memorize them and it is altogether another to live it and see God’s faithfulness shine through them.

Be sure to lift your pastor and his family up before the Lord.


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2 thoughts on “P365 – Day 56”

  1. Ooof, a weary day indeed. It is days like this when I am very glad to be a programmer by trade, and when I think, “We are not paying our pastor enough, and we are definitely not praying for him and his family enough.”

  2. We’ve had days like that as well. Tim is right…. We DO need to remember to continually pray for our pastors and church leadership.

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