P365 – Day 55 (Forts and Food)

Sigh. I think they are out to get me. If I didn’t know better I would think Daniel had read my Fort blog and was eager to push my buttons and test which was stronger, my love or my hatred of forts.

beginning of a fort

This used to be my living room.

Daniel, however, doesn’t really read this blog. Joshua and Rachel are regular subscribers. Joshua reads faithfully each morning, forgiving me graciously when I am slow to post, and Rachel catches up every other day or so. Daniel looks over the pictures but doesn’t actually bite into the meat of the blog. If he did see the fort blog, he probably focused in on the photos and went away inspired.


Underneath this mess is some nice living room furniture – and maybe a child or two.

I don’t really blame them. It’s rainy and cold, perfect Fort Building Weather. Here is Fort Number One – a true masterpiece.

fort 1
sarah and the fort

How could the boys resist this face? It cries out for some fort building assistance.

As the day progressed and players changed, another fort evolved in the living room. This one involved secret paths and tunnels, going under, behind and, in some cases, through, furniture.

david and the fort

going through

Here she goes! Sarah climbs her way THROUGH the coffee table.

here she goes

To offset the distress of all this fort building mess, I turned quickly to chocolate and got Rachel started on some chocolate chip pancakes.

rachel 1
rachel bakes
rachel eats

Thankfully Rachel was willing to help in any way she could. Actually what happened was I told the kids they could have pancakes for breakfast if they wished. Since I did not leap up with great vim and vigor in the morning – being the serious student of Saturday morning sleep – Rachel decided to make the pancakes for the family. Way to go, Rach!!

These pictures were taken later on in the day, when there was some leftover batter and everyone begged Rachel to add chocolate chips and fix a few pancakes for snacking.

Our game of choice today (yes, as accused we are a SERIOUS game playing family these days) was Puerto Rico. We played it Friday night with a friend from church and were eager to play again (especially those of us who lost, oh that would be ME!!).

Puerto Rico is a fun game. It’s creative and interesting but not too difficult or competitive. I especially missed the Burts, today, when we played. They would like this game and wouldn’t mind the several hours that it takes to play. The only problem is only 3 to 5 players can play. That would mean if all four adults played then only one child could join us. Something to think about. I wonder if you could combine two games and include more players. We find www.newspiel.com to have the best prices on these Rio Grande and May Fair games.

The grey day and chilly temps required some nice hot apple cider. Tim’s sister, Posie, gave us some of these drink packets for Christmas one year and the children are hooked.

apple cider

I bought this box at Costco.

Daniel and Joshua set up the game while Rachel worked on the hot cider. Tim did a little computer work while waiting for the game to be ready.

daniel and the game
tim works

We had to work hard to get Rachel to join us for a game of Puerto Rico. She had the (VERY misguided) impression that the game was either boring or too difficult for her. Reinforced by mugs of hot cider, we marched forward.

hot cider trio

All of our prodding and begging and arm-twisting worked because Rachel, not only played the game, but won the entire thing! I’m sure it was all those chocolate chips that gave her the strength to overcome her worries and come out triumphant.

Again I was driven to some serious chocolate. This time I took no chances and went straight to the pantry for the right antidote (chocolate has medicinal properties, right?) and placed it in Joshua’s capable hands.

chocolate brownie mix

Worrying that regular brownies would not sufficiently console the group of Puerto Rico losers, I steered Joshua in the direction of something, shall we say, MORE chocolatey.

chocolate pizza recipe

Any time you have the word chocolate and overload near each other, you are bound to end up with something delicious.

Joshua, a true son of his chocolate-loving parents, more than outdid himself with the chocolate pizza. He fixed the brownies on a round pizza pan, adding chocolate chips to the batter, then frosted them. Next, he sprinkled two types of chips on the top and drizzled chocolate sauce over the entire concoction. Rachel said it was BEYOND chocolatey and went into some other realm of sugary goodness. There was a manic sort of jittery look to the children after they had their slice of ‘pizza.’

Of course, we sent them straight to bed. Isn’t that what good parents do? Feed their children sugar and caffeine and then expect them to settle down to sleep?

chocolate pizza

Ooey, gooey goodness. Why do chocolate desserts have such lethal names? Death by Chocolate or Devil’s Food Cake. I’ve even seen Triple Bypass Chocolate Fudge. And why are chocolate treats referred to as sinful?

Excuse me as I try not to drool. I had better end here.


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7 thoughts on “P365 – Day 55 (Forts and Food)”

  1. Forts! Ah-Ha! We call them *dens* here.

    Yes, I remember them well.

    I don’t think I’m ready to move on to another game yet. I’m still mastering the finer points of Carcassonne! {g} But I’ll have to check out Puerto Rico.

  2. Dorothy–I like that, “dens.” I’m going to use that one. I get a little tired of saying fort all the time, sounds a little too much like you might be trying to say that other f*rt word which isn’t allowed in my house. LOL!

    I bet your kiddos, in their lofty old age, don’t even build dens any more. Sigh. It’s hard to see them grow up and out of these stages that seem to last forever and then are suddenly gone.

    No rush to leave Carcassonne. I think it’s a great game! You do, however, need to check out some of those expansion packs I mentioned a while back. Do it slowly, just add one or two to the mix and see if you like them. I can guarantee you will think they are fun and change things up a bit. Just try it!! :)

  3. Ah… forts. Samuel is the only one who still makes them in our house, but I still remember the days when Timothy and I would strip the cushions of half the sofas in the house and erect constructions that (if you asked Mom nicely) might last a week.

    It looks like Rachel is becoming quite the cooking doyenne (I’m not sure if this is the best place to use this word, but I just learned it recently and needed to slip it in somewhere)! I guess Joshua is too, but I’m not sure he would really want to be called a doyenne. Besides, he’s been a master chef for ages and ages and so it isn’t as impresive for him to do some cooking. The impressive thing is that he left any for the rest of you – he is, after all, a teenager.

  4. Being male in gender, Joshua would be a ‘doyen’, which is shorter and easier to spell and therefore more suited to the masculine temperament.

    I chuckled out loud when I read your last sentence, Rebecca, which is a bit spooky as I sit alone in the darkness on the 5th floor of an empty office building … I hope none of the cleaning people were frightened.

  5. Ok – I want to definitly live at your house!!!! Chocolate brownies . . hot cider . .. board games . . . your house is the FUN HOUSE!

  6. I’m with Emily… CAN I COME OVER and stay awhile??? YUM YUM YUM… that chocolate looks decadent! And… all the games…. that would never happen at my house (LOL)

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