P365 – Day 58 (Rachel’s New Look)

I asked Rachel and Joshua if they had any opinions on the blog – if there was anything I should add or change, what they liked reading and so on. Joshua, in his typical easy-going manner, didn’t have much to say. “Can’t think of anything,” he shrugged. Of course, he’s busy working on his own FIVE PAGE (so far) blog on the middle school retreat (you are now forewarned – it will be coming!). He’s distracted and trying to find his own blogging ‘voice,’ he doesn’t have time to help me with my soul searching or blog searching or whatever it was I was looking for. This morning, when I told him I posted three blogs last night he said, “Goody!” and scooted right over to the computer chair, so he must find something interesting to read in the blogs.

see no evil

See No Evil!

Rachel, in her typical manner (talkative, outspoken and yet contemplative), had LOTS of thoughts on the subject. She gave me all sorts of hints and ideas and helpful tips. I was surprised that she said she would like to see more blogs about our daily activities. Hmmm. I can see where there are some who might like to read a detailed accounting of our day (grandparents for example, the rest of the group would surely fall asleep) but I was a bit thrown off that it was what SHE wanted to read. “Um, Rach, you were there, why would you want to read a blog that talked about all the things we did all day?”

hear no evil

Hear No Evil!

I’m still mulling that over. Perhaps that is the power of journaling; reading over a description of the day captures the memories and holds them in place. Even the small pieces of the day are special. Maybe she likes the feeling of being a celebrity with your every move plastered all over the newsstands.

Obscure Movie Quote:

Hank: It’s gettin’ so as I can hardly go out in public any more. I mean, really, between the autograph hounds and the paparazzi…

Kate: Autographs and everything? I mean, just the one commercial, and you have paparazzi?

Hank: Yeah. I’ve never actually seen them, but, you know, they hide in the bush and… they get their shot.

So, in an attempt to please the masses (or at least one of my children), today I will blog about our day.

speak no evil

Speak No Evil!
David and Sarah illustrate some guidelines for the Duckabush Blog.

Joshua, my faithful early bird, was the first one up today. I think he likes having the house to himself for just a little bit. Who can blame him – in a family this size you have to seize your solitude where you can. Mine is late at night, his is early morning. We’ve practically got the day covered.

It also makes Joshua rub his hands together in satisfaction, chortling with glee knowing he gets a head start on school every day. He finishes his math before the rest of us are even up, much less calculating equations.

I’ve been staying up late blogging these days (what with the trauma of ‘advisor’ or ‘adviser’ it’s a wonder I can sleep at all) so there are often several children awake before me. Unlike those rascals, I am usually showered and dressed. They are disheveled and sleepy looking.

joshua reads blog

Joshua, in his cozy IKEA comforter, reads the blog.

While the children lounge around with an assortment of blankets and pillows that accompanied them downstairs, I turn on my computer and get started on breakfast. Then begins my morning refrain, “Get dressed! Get started on your math! Eat breakfast” With five children, four of whom are NOT chipper morning people, I say those three things often. Depending on their hunger, I either get blurry looks or demands for cereal and milk. Joshua and Rachel start their own, new little morning ritual – begging for the “first” shower of the day. We won’t go into details about what time Tim got up and took his. He assures me he is fully awake by the time he pulls into the office parking lot. I try not to think about his commute time. Can catatonic people drive safely? If they have a diet Coke in hand does that increase or decrease their driving abilities?

This morning we had several errands that needed tending, one of great urgency. There were OVERDUE library videos in the book bag!!! Horrors! We have discovered (and exploit whenever necessary) a fascinating little loop hole in the library return system. If you return your books or movies in the drop off spot BEFORE (this is key) the library opens they BACK-DATE your item to the last time the library was open. This has saved me more times than I would like to admit. Today I had three dvd’s to return (all due on Saturday). Since our library is closed from Sun until Tuesday, I could effectively return the movies before it opened in the morning and owe nothing! That’s right, nothing. Insert relieved, smug dance here.

I gathered the kids and set off for the library. We dropped the books and dvd’s off and then went on our other exciting errand: picking up Rachel’s New Glasses!

excited kids

These children don’t get out much. You can feel the anticipation in the air.

Rachel’s new glasses are beautiful! They fit her perfectly and look great. She does NOT need them for reading, only distance.

ready to go?fitting 1let's get them on

The woman handling Rachel’s fitting was a bit disconcerted about all the pictures I was taking.

“Is this for her scrapbook?” she asked.
“Just trying to appease the paparazzi,” I replied, “who knows how much I can make off of these shots.”

The three younger kids stood by in wonder and eager attention. Who needs paparazzi when you have younger siblings watching your every move.

three kiddos

When Rachel was all finished, David declared (in a firm voice), “I am NEVER getting glasses. Oh no.” I looked at him pityingly and started recounting all the people in our family (on both sides) who wear glasses. Even the receptionist was a bit amazed at the length of the list. I’m sure she was wondering if there was anyone in the family who doesn’t wear glasses. Um, Matthias the guinea pig has 20/20 vision, as far as we know.

I grabbed a pair of small frames and told David to try them on. See what you think, I said. Getting in the optical spirit of things, he was game to see how they fit.
david smiles

The red spot on the bottom of the glasses is a sticker not, as some have suggested, a wound inflicted by a sibling during the short time we were in the doctor’s office.

david's glasses

“I think maybe I want glasses,” was David’s immediate response. Ah, the fickleness of children. He does look pretty darn cute, I must admit.

From the doctor’s office we made our way back to the library. Ahem, we needed to actually go into the library – not just skulk around dropping off overdue books (did I just use the word ‘skulk’ in a blog??). Unfortunately we had twenty minutes to kill before the library opened. Rachel spent most of the drive reading signs and commenting on how clear everything was. Serious mommy guilt moment – how long has this child needed glasses??

We decided to head to the grocery store – get that free cookie for the day – and stock up on fruit (which my children eat at an alarming rate, any fruit trees around here?). By the time we had used up (eaten up?) the twenty minutes, we realized Rachel had left her jacket at the eye doctor. Back into the car. Back to the optician’s and back to the library.

Rachel, I am racking my brain as to why you think all of this would be interesting to anyone. Are you having fun reading the blog? Is this what you meant? I love you! I think your “new look” is very chic.

At the library we loaded up on books. Ah, the happy sound of that little librarian stamp as our books and videos (“I promise, Tim, we will NOT return these ones late.”) are processed.

Obscure movie clip (I don’t think there are any lines in this scene): The librarian stamps the books and each time he does so, the place rings with a LOUD, ringing clang. I love the look the librarian gives his little stamp. Priceless. There’s power in books!

From the library we go home (can it be possible this short outing took so long?) for lunch and the rest of our school day. Now I know why I don’t blog about our day’s events. It isn’t that it’s particularly boring, it’s just plain LONG! I start out tired from living through the day and am exhausted by the time I finish the blog. And, as Tim would graciously point out, my blogs are long enough as they are.

Last obscure movie quote (with link to sound):Let me sum up.

Read books
Supervised chores
Checked math
Made lunch
Mediated discussions/fights btw children
Did more school reading
Civil War movie
Talked on the phone
Prayer time with Tim
Bible chapter

And so on. All in a day’s work.


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7 thoughts on “P365 – Day 58 (Rachel’s New Look)”

  1. So I take it that Daniel was an old hand? And something else, I NEVER want to have glasses, my sight is good enough. Say hello to Dan for me.

    P.S. Try to set up a Skype time for us.Please.

  2. Believe it or not, people will LOVE reading about your day! I certainly did! I wrote about the fort after reading that, but I must’ve made an error since it didn’t appear as a comment.

    I love the way Rachael looks in glasses, and David will be bugging you to buy those he tried on. Cute, cute kids. Your blogs are so fun, and Tim’s comments really do make me laugh. The kids will become good writers, too, with your good examples. Joshua, we can’t wait to read yours.

  3. I like the new style of describing the events of the day. I read every word, as if it were another chapter in a book entitled The Further Adventures of The Edgren Family. Nice glasses Rachel. It inspires me to replace my oh-so-1990′s frames with something a little more modern.

  4. Carl – I LOVE the title! Better than the Oh, So Wacky Adventures of the Edgren Family or even Seven Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest or other such possibilities.

    Thanks for the encouragement. Nice to know there are faithful readers. HA!

  5. I love reading about your day and many others. It’s almost like being a fly on the wall :-)
    Your blogging is great!

  6. (LOL). It’s the same way around here… we do so much in a day there’s NO WAY I could ever blog about it…. I’d have everyone confused with 6 of us going in different directions all day long. Your blog has a nice variety, I think! Keep up the good work.

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