P365 – Day 64 (Athletes in Training)

It’s Presidential Fitness time at the Y. Sit ups, push-ups, running, that sort of thing. I have memories of participating in this same program as a child. These memories are not particularly pleasant. I was more of a reader than a runner. I clearly remember the assistant principal of my elementary school singling me out of a crowd of kids in the hallway. He came up and told me the librarians said I had read just about every book in the school library. Obviously my reputation had preceded me. Um, without going into further, painful details, let’s just say the PE teacher would NOT have had such positive things to remark about my performance in his class.

sarah in gymnastics

Sarah gets ready for gymnastics.

Needless to say, I continue to struggle with fitness and having an active lifestyle. I would much rather snuggle up with a good book or while away the hours blogging than get up and go for a hike. I would like, however, to be a healthy example for my children. This means I try to make exercise a priority (albeit a low one) in my life and I strive to provide them with opportunities to exercise. Enter the local YMCA. The kids are able to take swimming lessons, join gymnastics, and participate in all sorts of sporting activities.

daniel at the pool

Daniel had a hard work out in the pool this week.

Right now the emphasis is on the Presidential Fitness test and the different areas where the children will be graded. With Joshua’s new height has come some length of leg and ability to run faster (or at least with longer strides). Suddenly, Rachel and Joshua are both spending time on the treadmill. We went to Target today and got new tennis shoes for all three of the older children. Keeping a family of 7 in shoes is expensive, not to mention messy as each child has one or two (or more) pairs of shoes. I can’t imagine the shoe rack in bigger families.

david stretches

David stretches out those arms in PE.

I am thrilled the children are taking an active interest in their own health and physical fitness. I had a great workout, myself, on the elliptical machine this morning and even managed to sneak in a 3 mile walk with a friend in the evening. Tim and Joshua played tetherball before dinner. The scooters and bikes continue to be popular when the weather is nice.


We live in a beautiful part of the country with plenty of opportunities for exercise (when it’s not raining). It’s just up to us to get off Dough Boy and Cream Puff and head out the door.

The Apostle Paul was not specifically referring to physical exercise in these verses but they still have an application.

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body. I Corinthians 6:19-20

I believe the Lord is honored when we keep our bodies healthy and strong. We are better able to serve Him and do the good work to which He has called us.

Next, I need to work on getting enough sleep.


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One thought on “P365 – Day 64 (Athletes in Training)”

  1. One of the really delightful things about the YMCA in our town is that they are controlled by a board that seems to actually be ‘Christian’ (although not necessarily all ‘Young Men’). The walls are covered with scriptural murals and various inspirational messages that reflect a deep respect for God and clearly communicate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I’m not sure how this bastion of spiritual life has been overlooked in our society’s rush to marginalize Christianity, but it is very nice to have a place outside the church where Christianity is dominant, at least in terms of what is painted on the walls. Philosophically, this local YMCA is very friendly toward homeschoolers, who tend (at least in this part of Washington) to be mostly Christians. I am very grateful to the board for the homeschool PE program, which all my children have enjoyed.

    I remember the Presidential Fitness program when I was a kid — I always enjoyed the running part, because I was a swift runner at that time. It never occurred to me as a child to question just exactly how fit the President actually was … can he really do that many sit-ups, for example? Has anyone checked? I hope I haven’t uncovered a scandal, here?

    Hmmm. Research indicates that the President is, in fact, pretty fit for a man his age:

    As of August 2001: Bush runs an average of three miles, four times a week, and “also routinely cross-trains with swimming, free weights and an elliptical trainer.” He reportedly runs a mile in 7 to 8 minutes. His physicians classified him in the top 2% of men his age for cardiovascular fitness. He went 26 minutes on a treadmill test (protocol unnamed), attaining a heart rate of 178 beats per minute. Bush’s resting heart rate was 43 beats/minute, and his blood pressure 118/74 mmHg. His total cholesterol level was 170 mg/dl.

    As of November 2003 he could lift as much as 215 pounds, but due to a torn meniscus he has decreased his running, with a consequent increase in his per-mile time from 7 minutes to 9 minutes.

    I guess I had better hit the treadmill. :)

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