P365 – Day 96 (MOGL)

We have at our house a MOGL – it’s not a dreaded disease, a new cookbook, or a large bump on a ski slope. No, it’s a Mower Of Great Laziness! We’ve had this visitor here before. Last year the lawnmower would run for a minute or two before shutting off. You basically had time to get around the yard once. At that point you were pretty much forced to sit on the porch swing with your book, waiting until the mower was ‘rested’ enough to continue. A half an hour mowing job could be parlayed into a whole day’s work (with time for smoothie breaks).

the boys

Here David and Joshua check out the dandelion collection.

To my great joy, and Tim’s disgust, a visiting elf (no doubt kin to the shoemakers crew) came by while we were on vacation and had our mower repaired. Ah, the lawnmower was back in business. No more lazying around. The front AND back lawn could both be mowed in ONE day.

look at them dandelions

Boy, look at this beautiful dandelion garden.

It’s spring here in the beautiful northwest and we are very overdue in taking care of our lawn. We live in a lovely neighborhood. It isn’t fancy or pretentious but the homeowners do take care of their lawns. Driving up and down the street you are treated to sights of Japanese rock gardens, stunning roses, perfectly manicured lawns, and the House O’ Dandelions. Uh, that would be our place. I should say – The House O’ Dandelions and Other Weeds.


This is on the OTHER side of the backyard fence. The owner of this piece of property must use some pretty mighty Weed and Feed. Maybe it’s called Blackberry Miracle Gro.

Despite having skilled gardeners on both sides of our family, Tim and I do not have a single green thumb (or even a pinkie) between us. It wasn’t too long after we were married that we realized we were both waiting for the other person to take on the landscaping job. In my family it’s my father who is the gardener, in Tim’s family, it is his mother. It’s been almost 15 years (next month!!!) and neither one of us has risen to the task yet. I’m afraid we are doomed.

sarah points

Even Sarah can’t help but point out the intense growth of dandelions raging around the yard.

Thankfully, this fact wasn’t known by the cul-de-sac police when we rented and eventually bought this home. Of course, with three boys (and one a teenager) you would think our lawn maintenance troubles were solved. Isn’t it practically a rite of passage that a young boy mows the family’s lawn? And with five children, there is surely always someone in trouble who needs a job (oh, weeding comes to mind).

weed and feed

Don’t worry, Mom, we’ll take care of these nasty, old weeds.

Joshua went out and used up an old bag of weed and feed last week. Is that really what it’s called? It does beg the question – are you feeding the weeds? That’s what it sounds like to me. Scary. It’s certainly working in our yard. I think the dandelions are multiplying on a daily basis. Joshua decided he had better mow before spreading out any more weed killer (smart boy, that one, and useful too). This was when we discovered the tragic news.

The MOGL was back and it might, in fact, be a dead MOGL (mostly dead, we’re not sure). This does not look good for our lawn and the hope I had for some kind of damage control on the dandelion explosion. Joshua isn’t taking the news very well.

no good lawn

taking it out

I’m not sure that’s really a very effective way to get rid of the weeds, Joshua.


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10 thoughts on “P365 – Day 96 (MOGL)”

  1. I know that smashing the weeds with the weed and feed thing (tool? Machine? Vehicle?), may not have been the most effective method. It sure looks like fun though.

    I am bracing myself for the weeding command. I know it is out there, but when it will hit is a mystery.

  2. Smashing dandelions, interesting. I didn’t even see you all out in the yard. I was reading my book(again). If only we had sunshine like yesterday. Today we have rain and lots of clouds.

  3. test test test – I’m not sure my comments are going through. LOL Always love reading your blog.

  4. One of these days you’re going to need a JOHN DEERE mower if your grass gets any taller (LOL)! If it’s any consolation to you, we lived in our house 15 years before we did a single bit of landscaping and then did a TON all in one year.. in fact, I spent the ENTIRE summer last year landscaping…can’t say I enjoyed it much, but the yard sure looks nice now. I can hardly wait for the weather to warm up so I can see what survived the winter!

  5. Cindy – Ha!!! You’re too funny. I would settle for ANY working mower. Yes, the grass might grow to be taller than my 4 year old. That would be impressive. ;) I LOVED the work you did on your landscaping last year. Beautiful! I remember you worked a LONG time. It will be so lovely this year. Thanks for the encouragement that I can take my time. My mother in law planted trees (one for each child) so that is a start. How did you finally decide it was time to work on the landscaping? I remember you getting up EARLY to do your work. I think, in general, you work harder than I. I’m afraid I’m a bit lazy.

  6. Oh, Kathy…all that green and no green thumb. The northeast is a gardeners paradise. We gardeners on the east coast just covet your perfect gardening weather.

    Okay…I need to jet over to Dorothy’s in England and then over to your place and get some gardening done.

    My garden never looks perfect, but I sure have a lot of fun trying each year.

  7. Ugh, I do not garden either. In an effort to bond with my new husband, I did spend a summer weeding and other unpleasant things. Robert, otoh, could spend all day, every day in the yard. He’s a planting fiend.

    I so wish we had wild blackberries! That’s something we take advantage of whenever we visit WA. They’re probably pesky to you (since they grow everywhere!), but it’s a treat for us!

  8. Debbie – PLEASE!!!! Come any time! Are you kidding me, Dorothy and I will be fighting over you. Will you bring your kiddos so my crew has some fun playmates or shall you sneak away alone and just garden to your hearts content? I wish you would teach me!! I’m so ignorant in this area.

  9. Kristine – ah, yes. Those people who LIKE to be outside gardening and working with the land. Interesting breed. I like to have some in the family because they make everything look so pretty outside.

    The wild blackberries grow EVERYWHERE! They would take over the earth if they could get going. I much prefer blueberries!!! They don’t have any thorns so the picking is MUCH easier. Oh, yes, and I’m not allergic to them (unlike blackberries). That does make me a bit biased, I guess. Ha!

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