P365 – Day 120 (Boys Will Be Boys)

Today Joshua and David engaged in a rousing game of paddle ball. I don’t know really what to call it. They used the paddles from the tether ball game and hit a plastic ball back and forth. It looked like great fun.


They were having such a great time (evidenced by the loud laughter and general ruckus coming from the back yard) that I had to go out and take some pictures. I quickly realized something was a bit amiss in their game and I took a closer look at the ball.

princess ball

Yes, that’s right. The ball in play was none other than Sarah’s sweet Princess Ball. This leads me to ask several questions:

1. Do the boys have some secret aggression toward Cinderella and her comrades?
2. Were the rest of the balls buried in the depths of the garage and this was the first one they could find?
3. Are they mad at Sarah and trying to take it out on her ball?
4. Is part of the fun seeing how long they can slam the ball before it pops?

boys playing

When I started snapping pictures and zooming in on the ball, Joshua quickly chimed in with several amusing blog titles to accompany the pictures.


You know you have been blogging a little too long (or obsessively) when you take a picture and your children start writing the blog for you.


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9 thoughts on “P365 – Day 120 (Boys Will Be Boys)”

  1. Oh yes! Now, thanks to you, every time I take a picture FD says “You should put this on the blog!”.

    So what name will you give the obsessive blogger? There was the “sleep blogger” and now??????

    You have such nice grass, ours has become thatchy.

  2. LOL! I totally relate to the blogging too long. When I was taking some pictures yeterday my THREE year old asked if they were for the blog….sigh… that must be all I do these days (LOL). After I’m caught up I can go back to just blogging a little bit each day instead of ALL day… actually it’s not the “blogging” that’s so time consuming for me. It’s the sorting of all the pics and journaling.. things I NEED/WANT to do regardless of whether or not I blog, but blogging does keep me moving forward with keeping up my photos and journaling.

  3. One of the things I really like about having a large(r) family is that there are so many kids to play with. David really cashes in on this — yesterday afternoon I think he played with everyone except Rachel, who was not feeling well.

    Regarding the tendency toward blogging obsessively — perhaps we just need a cool-sounding acronym. We already have ‘OCD = Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder’ — we can simply use ‘OCB’ for ‘Obsessive-Compulsive Blogging’, as in, “That Kathy, she’s got a bad case of OCB.”

  4. LOL, great entry! Blogging does get rather addictive, does’t it?

    I think smashing the pretty ball is definitely an attack on all that pink princess stuff. I know our boys seem to have a great dislike for anything pink, frilly or anything to do with princesses.

  5. The boys at Chloe’s b.day party got a great kick out of pounding her princess pinata. They hit it VERY hard and with gusto. Ha.

    I love your blogs!! Who are Cynthia and Jennifer? Can we see THEIR blogs?

    JW and I are off to FC in the morning. Whee. Love you, AK

  6. I don’t know if Aunt Kate looks back to these comment sections or not, but I’ll just pop in real quick and say that I’m one of Kathy’s SHS cyberfriends. We met in person last year when I made a quick trip out to WA! I wish we lived closer because I’m sure we would have great fun together in REAL life!

  7. oh.. and I forgot to say.. sure you can check out my blog if you’d like. It’s under reconstruction at the moment, but you can still go there just be sure to check back next week when I’m done with the redesign. It’s at http://www.bbentsbees.blogspot.com

  8. Thanks, Cynthia, for sharing your blog info. I don’t know if she comes back and re-reads the comments. I’ll pass along your website so she can pop in and say hi. Just FYI, Aunt Kate is my mom’s twin sister and is a BIG encourager. :)

  9. I have only been blogging since October but it now is part of my day that I set time aside for. Even though my family never comments on my blog . . . I know they read it every day and for those family members who live far away it has been fun for them to keep up with our lives :-)

    I just asked Carlos to please take the camera with he and the boys and Alexia . .. they are heading to a midnight showing of Spiderman . . they are also picking up Ken (Lisa’s Husband) He is nervous he might lose it . . . but I said . . .that would make a great blog .. he still wouldn’t take it . . .oh well :-)

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