Wet Warrior Women

It’s been unseasonably hot here this week. Gloriously so. Ah, bring the sunshine on, I always say. I’m trying not to get too attached to the sun, this being Washington and all, but it’s awfully nice.

Today we had some warrior women visit. Wet ones at that. You never can tell who will drop by.

wet girls

Instead of hauling out a sprinkler (those things are heavy, whew made of plastic and what not) and attaching a hose (this is just plain hard work, the hose might be all the way in the front yard!) the kids have figured out they can get Tim to turn on the sprinkler system and use that for built in, moveable sprinkler fun.

getting wet

How lovely. The grass gets watered and the children have fun. And no one has to find the sprinkler and worry about that messy hose.

Look at the grace and poise in L.’s stance. She has obviously been training, no sprinkler will get the best of her!

who gave that girl a sword?

Now to find those girls some towels!
Project 365 – Day 150

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5 thoughts on “Wet Warrior Women”

  1. As long as L. is willing to defend my tomato plants from the depredations of the evil deer, she is welcome in our yard any day. :)

  2. FUN! We’ve been unseasonably *WET* here! It’s been raining every single day for over a week now!

  3. We’ve been warm here too. This was our 6th day in the 90′s. Although I guess in NC you expect it a bit more than in Washington! They look they are having fun!

  4. I’m sure L. is more than willing to take on the terrible deer as they advance toward your precious tomato plants, Tim. Just put her on the job and it’s as good as done!!

    Michele, yes I would hope NC is nice and warm. I count on those happy images of warm and sunny southerns to float around in my mind while I sit and soak up the rain and drizzle.

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