Kids Everywhere

I don’t know where they come from, presumably minivans, but we have lots of extra children around here these days. Yesterday there was the warrior women invasion, today we have a slew of campers and dueling homeschoolers coming through the yard.

setting up a tent

Joshua and his crew of hearty outdoorsmen set up the tent for Sarah and Elise. Elise and two of her siblings are staying with us for a few days while their mama goes off and sips coffee while eating bon bons (she wishes).

inside the tent

“Sarah, dahhling, aren’t these accomodations just purrrrfect!”

In addition to Elise and her posse, we somehow picked up this gun toting six year old. No doubt his mama was also off enjoying chocolate and hot coffee.

give this boy a gun

Look at the dastardly criminals who are threatening our local lawman. “This town ain’t big enough for the four of us.”

silly boys

There’s only one thing to do, and that’s get rid of the competition, finish them off, take ‘em down.

daniel's down

two more to go

david's out

And to think I was just feeling a bit nostalgic for days when we had a constant stream of kids in and out of the house. Gotta watch those moments (mists of time and all that) or else you end up with a big ole dose of reality.

Joshua was obviously having one of those reflective moments and the rest of the boys decided a dog pile was in order. If you look closely, you can see we lost our visiting six year old but gained a neighbor child.

dog pile!!

The children come and they go but someone must wash the dishes. That’s my new pithy saying for the week. Hey, with a rotating crew of 9 children, that’s about as pithy as you’re gonna get.

dishwasher girl

rachel's doing the dishes

Project 365 – Day 151

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5 thoughts on “Kids Everywhere”

  1. What a great attitude! And what colorful writing! I haven’t heard the word pithy in years, and I love that word. Your kids seem to have a good time, even when having to wash dishes…

  2. You’re braver than I (LOL)! That looks like a whole lot of mess and noise to me >VBG>

  3. Yes, lots of kids and plenty of noise. Just know that I am thanking the Lord (about two or three or 25 times a day) that it is sunny and warm. The kids can go OUTSIDE!! :)

  4. Great fun!! I am in awe of your patience and joyful attitude, sweet katherine. Of COURSE the kids want to be in your presence!! Hooray for a sunny day!!


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