Random Wedding Pictures & Computer Fussing

Okay, why is it that all the computers in the house work fine with the new wireless connectivity except mine??? Are there mischievous blogging imps sneaking around, trying to keep me off line? All I want to do is blog away happily. Is that asking too much? Well, I would like to be able to get my e-mail, write a few back here and there, read all the blogs I’ve been missing over the vacation and comment excessively. My requests are simple. Really.

the family gathers

We’re going to the chapel for a wedding! The cousins and I pose with Aunt Stephanie and Aunt Kate.

I have to be careful, though. If I’m very vocal about my complaints, my mother will hand me a piece of paper and tell me to try to remember those ancient days before they had things like google and the internet and blogging. Gasp. I suppose they also developed film and mailed the doubles away to friends and family. I hope there aren’t any children reading this. The shock might be too great for them.

mamie and the girls

Mom sits in a pew with Rachel and Sarah, looking oh so coordinated and lovely.

In the midst of my hardships, I’m hobbling along as best I can. It’s important to keep the readers happy and I’m willing to do what it takes. Right now it takes some creativity, a USB memory key and access to another computer.

chase and uncle dan

Cousin Chase and Uncle Dan flash big grins for the camera.

I’m here for you all. Don’t despair. I won’t even mention the tragedy that happened tonight when Dad and I took the children to a fantastic park nearby and I, horror of all horrors, forgot my camera. Sigh. It didn’t help that my father kept saying, “Boy, this would be a perfect blog picture,” as the kids ran up and down the grassy knolls, oohed and ahhed over baby ducks and took turns on the zip line.

rachel and emily

Rachel gets a hug from her new aunt, the gorgeous bride herself.

We won’t even talk about it. I’ll stick to stunning wedding pictures, since wedding is a really special day and that’s why people look for the best mens wedding ring collection for using in this special day. Much more satisfying than any old baby ducks. Sniff. Thankfully, most people will skim over my fussing, not really bothering to read the blog itself, and just enjoy the happy family shots.

jenn and sarah

Sarah and Aunt Jenn pose for one last picture before the day ends.

Until next time. May you be surrounded by friends and family who love you and computers that blog along speedily.

Project 365 – Day 174

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5 thoughts on “Random Wedding Pictures & Computer Fussing”

  1. Adorable adorable pictures!! I love the color cordination going on here. Cindy-you are beautiful with those little girls!! I love you the best@!~ (oh, it’s not a contest?)

    Darling Chase and his daddy. Darling Sarah and Aunt Jenn. Fun fun pics.

    And the text was good, too. Love you, AK

  2. LOL, you are funny, Kathy! I’ve been missing my daily dose of Duckabush.

    The weddings photos are all so lovely. The girls and your mom look heavenly together with that gorgeous green! What a wonderful time for you all.

  3. Kathy,
    You DO realize that most of us read EVERY word, right? You can’t fool us that easily. I was having trouble with my wireless router for awhile, too, and it’s a PAIN to actually have to sit and my desk and blog while the rest of the family is off in other (more comfortable) parts of the house! So… my computer tech person came out it was a simple antennae fix and now I’m back in business!

  4. I think i am all caught up now with your blog . . . .WOW – was I really behind. I enjoyed reading about your time on vacation and I just really love your blog. I need to make a point to get here more often. I love reading everything that you and Tim post.

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