My Beautiful Room by Rachel

Camp was awesome! I had a great time. I’m so glad I went.

harmony springs

gathering stuff

Good Bye Harmony Springs! Let’s grab our gear and and get out of here.

When I walked in the house, my dad told me to go put my pillow away. I went upstairs, wondering why my bedroom door was closed. I thought maybe they had cleaned my room. Sometimes when we’re gone Mom organizes and picks up our rooms. I saw a bunch of paint out in the hallway. The boys said they had painted Daniel’s ceiling on Friday. When I opened my door I couldn’t believe my eyes.


My mom was standing (hiding?) in my room with the camera. I was so shocked to see all the changes to my bedroom that I immediately backed up and closed the door. It was unbelievable.

where did she go?

Sarah: “Where did Rachel go?”

I didn’t think they would do something like that while I was away! The room was gorgeous! The first thing I noticed was the painting and all the beautiful stickers over my bunk bed. Everything looked wonderful. I LOVE my picture collage. All my best friends are on there as well as Sarah and her friends. It’s just perfect.

this is beautiful

Dear Mom and Dad, Daniel, Joshua, David and Sarah,

Thank you so much for painting my room and putting everything in order. I spent over an hour playing and just sitting in my wonderful, beautiful, lovely room. Thank you for making my homecoming a great experience. It made me want to cry.


Some Before and Afters

march 2007

March 2007

maiy 2007

May 2007

sarah's in bed

Sarah steals the top bunk while Rachel is away.

new desk area

All freshened up and decorated.

More pictures on yesterday’s blog.

Kathy (proud and happy mom)
Project 365 – Day 230

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16 thoughts on “My Beautiful Room by Rachel”

  1. We’re so happy for you Rachel! Great job Kathy and family…this should be on one of those shows we don’t get because we don’t have a t.v….maybe something like “Summer Camp Super Makeovers”. :)

  2. That was fun to read! Great pictures, too. I’m so glad Rachel wrote to express her surprise. Nothing like a first-hand account! I’ll bet she and Sarah keep it spotless now. Who wouldn’t, with such a gorgeous place as that!

  3. Now those are some cute pictures of Rachel!! Loved to see her expressions and read her description of her room. What a great surprise for her!!

  4. Hi, Rachel. Thanks for writing about your room. We’ve all been waiting with baited breath for your reaction. And you came thru with flying colors. The room is gorgeous- you are wonderful!! I’m so glad camp was good!! What did you learn? Who did you meet? What changed in your heart- anything? I love you. Aunt Kate (did our letter reach you?)

  5. Hey Rachel!

    How exciting to have a newly decorated bedroom! I am so happy for you! Are you enjoying it? That was so very kind of your family to do that for you. Did you suspect anything when you went to camp?

    Have a great day!

    ~Brooke the WNW C.I.T.

  6. Gorgeous room! That would have been my dream room at Rachel’s age. I always say there’s no excuse for a white ceiling (and I have an orange one in my otherwise yellow living room, sky blue ceiling in our light green den and bronze ceiling that matches the walls in the bedroom, so I know whereof I speak). What lucky children you have–I hope you remind them — often.

  7. Rachel, what a wonderful surprise! Hmmm..maybe I could go away to camp and some one would paint my room! Sounds like a plan.

    Did they really surprise you, or are you a great actress?

    Your room looks great!

  8. Brooke-
    Yes, I LOVE my newly decorated room it is amazing!!!! I didn’t suspect a thing, I thought they would make a mess while I was away. but they did just the opposite!!

  9. Wow! Rachel! Your room looks Great! I bet you were really suprised!
    Is your favourite color purple? If it is, I didn’t know that! I LOVE that


  10. It all looks great – I loved the photos of Rachel ducking out the door. Great post she wrote too – maybe she’ll take over the blog next….

  11. FUN! What a nice surprise. Last year we did a room redo for our dd’s 13th birthday and we did it while she was away at camp. Being an almost-teen at that time we did get her input on color choices and a few key pieces of art/furniture so she could get the style she wanted, but she had NO idea we would have it all done when she came home! It was SO MUCH FUN!

  12. Hi… I’m new to your blog… and enjoying it very much!

    What a fun surprise for your kids!

    We built our home a little over a year ago and our girls room is painted a periwinkle color. Its a great girls color!

    Lisa in Western Washington

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