Rachel’s Giveaway

In honor of Rachel’s beautiful new room, she is hosting a giveaway. These two adorable little animals need new homes.

fetch and ears

Fetch and Ears are good buddies.

Rachel was so drawn to these Beanie Babies that she bought them twice. :) Although her younger siblings would be more than willing to love Fetch and Ears as their very own, Rachel wishes to share them with you.

sarah holds the cuties

Sarah is our Beanie Baby model.

In order to participate in Rachel’s Giveaway, please leave a comment and answer one of the following inquiries:

1) Hippo or Peacock?
2) Ocean or Lake?
3) Why Fetch or Ears would be happy with you in 72.5 words or less.
4) Vacation home — Lithuania or Sri Lanka?

Rachel will pick two numbers (at random) on Friday, August 24th.

sarah and fetch

sarah and ears

As you can see both Fetch and Ears are in excellent condition and still have their original Ty tags.

Thanks for playing!

Project 365 – Day 231

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6 thoughts on “Rachel’s Giveaway”

  1. Anonymous Poster, 1) Peacock 2) Lake 3) Because I have company for them as well as a comfy bed. 4) Sri-Lanka.

  2. 1) peacock
    2) lake
    3)Fetch and Ears would be very happy with me because my bunny Pinky would love to have a bunny sibling and Fetch would get along great with Ben, my bulldog. I would take very good care of them and never let a lizard sit on them.
    4)Sri Lanka, because I miss the ocean smell
    Ema Burt

  3. Hayley wants to answer question 2. Lake. Because it seems safer and you can catch animals easier at the lake.

    I want to have one because my dad would not let me buy his beanie babies and I love them!

  4. Colin and Hayley’s Mom’s reply. Yes Hayley’s dad really does have a few beanie babies he won’t share for some reason and they have to stay in the packets. I think because they are from England. Poor Hayley thinks this is a crime, I think they are all a little bit crazy!

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