Waiting for Daddy

Or Godot, whomever comes first.

what a crew!

It’s important to have a camera with you at all times as you never know when a special photo moment like this one will arise.

I”m sure you can picture it – a cheerful, conscientious mother helping her sweet daughter unbuckle from the car seat, late but not impatient, lays her keys on the back seat for JUST a MOMENT. Setting the dress shoes under the seat and tugging on tennis shoes, they rush off through the Y parking lot.


sweet sarah

It was a GREAT swim class, Mom.

I didn’t discover the missing keys until PE was over and everyone ready to go home. They are a hungry, tired crowd at the end of PE.

“Anyone want to walk home?” That question generated groans. They didn’t seem to find the suggestion amusing. Thankfully, Tim was working from home that day and came to the Y to rescue us. He didn’t even fuss, tease, or complain about the loss of time out of his busy work schedule. A short delay and we were back on track with our day.

If nothing else it provided time to take a group picture. :) I always say there’s a silver blog lining inside every cloudy day.


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10 thoughts on “Waiting for Daddy”

  1. Very very sweet. I love the silver blog lining idea!!

    Glad Tim was home and cheerful. What a dear man you have!!

    We’ve ALL done the keys in the car locked at some point.

    Love you kids. Aunt Kate

  2. I can sympathize! Last year I actually snapped my twin boys into their car seats after unloading the week’s groceries into the cargo compartment, tossed my keys casually over into the front seat, like I always did, shut the door to boy #2′s side of the car and tried to open the driver’s door. No luck. My keys sat there, mocking me, in plain view. We waited an hour for the sheriff, and then a tow truck, to arrive and unlock my car. Luckily the boys were pretty happy entertaining themselves with the lights on their sneakers… because it was dark by the time the tow truck showed up. *sigh* An expensive way to learn that I always need to keep my keys with me.

  3. Ohhhhhh – I always feel totally lost with my keys, wallet, camera or phone. Your kids are just adorable! I love it when I can get a picture of all the kids together.

  4. I accidentally locked Princess in the car once when she was an infant. Luckily we were getting into the car in our garage at home. All I had to do was walk inside and get the spare key. No crisis. The doors were open in under 2 minutes.
    But that day I decided to get into a new habit. If I want to put the keys down I will put them on the sunroof if I am using my car. I can’t do this with the mini van. Then, before I allow myself to close the door I make myself do a key check: the car key MUST be in my hand before closing any car doors. Not my pocket, not the roof, not the chair. In. my. hand.
    After 2 years it is now a habit. Honey has laughed at me for this but it saved me quite a few times!

  5. Way to look on the bright side, Kathy. And.. I’m here to tell you that I SO WISH I would have taken MORE everyday pics of the kids all together while they were still all here together!!!

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