Sleepovers, Sick Kids and Tolkien

Joshua celebrated his birthday this weekend. Pay no attention to the fact that his birthday is in October and it’s November. Nothing like stretching birthdays out, I always say. Especially when it’s MY birthday. Oh yes, and I’m famous for it. Joshua is normally not as birthday obsessed as his mother but the college reunion trip to VA threw his party off by a few weeks.

Friday night Tim gathered Joshua and three of friends and took them out to the Duckabush for a Lord of the Rings movie fest. They met up with a Duckabush friend and spent the evening with Sam, Frodo and their cohorts. I hear they even went to bed at a decent hour.

Well, decent for a sleepover.

boys in the bush

Joshua and his friends, missing Austin, who had to leave early.

They managed to fit in two of the three Lord of the Rings movies, which I think is impressive. Grandma provided a delicious cake and there was plenty of food for meals and snacking.

In the mean time, back at home, Rachel was hosting her own little sleepover. Hearing that Joshua would be out of the house, she decided it would be the perfect opportunity to invite some friends over. Unfortunately, she was hit with the stomach bug that is going through our family. Daniel and I had it two weeks ago, Tim and Joshua suffered through it this week. It’s mild (no vomiting) but painful.

Early in the morning, or maybe it was late in the night, Rachel woke me up saying she was in pain and couldn’t sleep. Poor thing. Her friends were downstairs peacefully resting while she writhed in pain.

Not a pleasant way to spend the night hours. Needless to say, we won’t be posting any pictures of her time with Sarah and Jenny.


Daniel expresses the family’s sentiments toward this little stomach flu with a hearty Argggghhh!

Praying that the little ones and all of the assorted sleepover guests don’t catch any nasty flu germs.

Project 365 – Day 307

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6 thoughts on “Sleepovers, Sick Kids and Tolkien”

  1. Ah, good for Joshua. He will become a wise man some day if he continues in this way. Tolkien always makes good birthday watching. I still remember the twelve hour Lord of the Rings movie marathon I did with my friends once . . . It was incredibly fun.

  2. I’m praying for the stomach bug to STOP. Thanks for telling us that it doesn’t seem to involve vomiting. That is significant!!

    Love you each. Aunt Kate

  3. What a fun birthday party idea!! I need to figure out how to do big “kid” parties. And we didn’t celebrate Jamie’s July birthday until October–at which point I felt compelled to give in to the whole slumber party ordeal. (Of course, you had been posting pics of all your slumber parties right before then, so I’m sure I felt guilted into it on all ends. The quest for the Good Mom award never ends.) Hope all the sickness has ceased.

  4. Yes! Finally our beloved cousin gets to watch the movies! And apparently they had a great time. Great. Sorry to hear about the disease, though.

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