Time to Walk the Dog – A Photo Journal

My friend Julee came for a visit this afternoon. She brought along her two boys, her oldest daughter and her dog, Mia. It was a lovely time – coffee, silly kids and good conversation. At some point Chandler (two this month) decided Mia needed to go for a walk.

Well, walking the dog is an important task. Of course, when you’re a toddler the walk tends to be a wee bit short.

let's go, doggie

And it takes place indoors.

not that way, silly

You do, however, get to see some exotic sights. I mean, check out that Princess Popcorn Tin. You don’t see something like that every day.

down the hallway

Who knows where this hallway will lead.

what's that?

I must smell the piano

In this case the hall way led to the living room. We’re exploring now!

With every journey there are often difficult obstacles to overcome. A piano leg and a doggy leash can result in a terrible mess.

help, I'm stuck!

Thankfully, assistance comes in many shapes and forms – this one arrived in slippers and pink socks.

free at last!

At the end of the day, there is nothing quite like the feeling of knowing you have successfully completed an important job.

let's go green eyes

It was quite an adventure, but Chandler and Mia were troopers. I know they both felt better after the exercise. :)

Stay tuned, I can’t wait to introduce you to a wonderfully talented friend of mine.
Project 366 – Day 2

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6 thoughts on “Time to Walk the Dog – A Photo Journal”

  1. What a cute pair! I’m glad Mia didn’t do in your house what doggies usually do on their walks. And what an impeccably clean house!

  2. You forgot the bit where Mia conquered the dust demon and the pine needle pincher who had invaded the house looking for dark corners and places that are never vacuumed.

  3. How sweet this is. From your title, I wondered WHERE you were headed with this blog. Knowing the Edgrens don’t have a dog. But there you were- with Chandler at the tree, piano, etc. FUN.

    Happy day THIS day to all of you. Love, Aunt Kate

  4. Cute dog and little guy, but I was really looking at your coffee table. It looks like it has a “quick! Put it in there!” potential. I’m looking for just such a similar type item. Got any suggestions as to where I could find something?

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