One More Party

Happy New Year!! My house is so tidy. Nothing like hosting a party to inspire me to clean. And, of course, there is nothing like having an inspired mother to motivate children to clean. :)

partying girls

Hannah, Emma, Annie B, Bethany and Rachel enjoy some pizza between giggles.

We had three families over for games and dinner this afternoon. We managed to play Carcassonne, Scum (lots of rounds), and Saga. The boys played outside with various weaponry. The girls sat on the couch, told stories and laughed. The little girls got into the dress-up clothes, the dolls and ended up with a game of Sleeping Queens.

We had pizza, taco soup, corn bread, veggies and dip, chips, and a lovely assortment of sweets. It was the perfect way to begin the new year. We even managed to keep five of the children overnight for an impromptu slumber party.

I’m not ready for school and structured life to begin again. I still have some Christmas cards left to send out. If our tree is still up and the Christmas cards list not finished, can I declare the Christmas holidays officially NOT over??

Project 366 – Day 1 :)

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7 thoughts on “One More Party”

  1. The Christmas season is not OFFICIALLY over until 6 Jan – according to the chapel calendar anyway…that’s what I’m holding out for. LOL

  2. Yay for starting a new year of pictures! It’s great that this year is a leap year so it looks like “Project 366″ is the sequel of “Project 365.” Now that I also have a new camera, I’m planning on doing a similar project (though I probably won’t take nearly as many pictures without kids!) this year in order to increase my photography skills.

  3. An impromptu slumber party with an additional five kiddos and still a tidy house?? I am sooooooo jealous! Our holiday household disaster is currently at DEFCON 1… unfortunately possessing all of the imminent impending threats of doom and none of the expected levels of readiness to address such calamities *sigh….* At least it’s a happy mess : )

  4. That looks like a blast! I vote for never ending the Christmas season! I love dh being home. Of course, I’m not sure how we’ll survive without a paycheck coming in!

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