Almost Monday

It’s been a long day and I’m scrambling to finish everything in order to get in bed by 11 pm. Rachel and I ran errands after church. We didn’t get home until the middle of the afternoon. We did some returns, bought 1/2 price calendars at Barnes and Noble, shopped at Target and then got some groceries on our way home. It was fun! I like having a shopping buddy. :)

The afternoon was spent tidying up for our Bible study company, working on school schedules and keeping the kids quiet so Tim could nap. I didn’t do so well on that last one. I think Joshua vacuumed right outside the door while Tim was sleeping.

daniel, david and eli

During fellowship hour at church, the boys wrestle on one side of the room…

I am working on a Excel spreadsheet for our daily schedule. As I go through all the subjects required for each child, I see over and over they need time WITH ME! There’s only one of me and five of them! They have me outnumbered. I don’t see a place in the schedule for hours of blogging and frivolous internet surfing. Sigh.

Monday is a time of true fresh starts (or re-starts) for us.

  • School begins
  • Back to regular exercising at the YMCA
  • Healthy eating for the whole family – more veggies, less sweets, better planned meals
  • Return to my eating plan – recording food, cutting back on calories, aiming for losing NOT gaining
  • New school schedule and chore charts for the kids
  • Renewed commitment to daily Quiet Times – Bible reading and prayer
  • Consistent bedtimes for the kids and early to bed for me

Can I get some coffee to go with this new well-ordered life? I have a feeling I’m going to need it.

Jaalah, Elizabeth, Emma, Sarah, Tarah and Caedie

…and the girls giggle and visit on the other.

Tim’s lunch is all prepared, including his breakfast pancakes for the week (extras stored in Ziploc bags), the dishwasher is running, the kids are in bed, and I am almost finished with our schedule for tomorrow. I have a plan for staying on track (mainly it involves shutting down my email and blog during school hours) and am ready to attack the new semester with enthusiasm.

Thanks for all your kind words about the blog, our little family and my personal quest for healthy habits (including sleep). It means so much to us to have your encouragement and support.

Project 366 – Day 6

I think I accidentally labeled yesterday as Day 6 when it should have been Day 5. That’s what happens when you post after midnight, you get your days confused. No longer! (Yeah, right, we’ll see about that)

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10 thoughts on “Almost Monday”

  1. I am so with you girl!!! I knew where you were headed just by reading your title. I will be praying for you!!! I plan on posting this verse in my kitchen (food), car (as I drive to the YMCA), bookmark in my bible (quiet time), etc., etc., etc.

    2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and SELF-DISCIPLINE.
    LOVE YA!

  2. Yes, only one of you and 5 of them. Our lesson in church was called “My Lunch, Lord?” (the feeding of the 5,000 with one boy’s lunch) A key point was when we offer it to Him, the Lord takes our little bit – all we have to offer – and multiplies it to accomplish His plan. He gets the glory when He does what only He can do and it’s obviously not us! May this be true for you as you do what God has called you to do. May He faithfully multiply your energy and opportunities and wisdom and patience!

  3. Oh, Kathy! I know exactly how you feel. I only have 4 kids, but they all need me. I’ve been trying to find an answer to this all school year. Let me know if you figure it out! :-) One thing I do NOT do is make breakfast or lunch for anyone (except Carys) including my husband. He’s on his own. I’m not a very good wife, I guess, but something has to give! Keep us posted on how it all goes.

  4. Yea, sounds like some good plans are being made. I support you in blogging during the day. HOW very brilliant!!

    I love you lots and lots. Aunt Kate

  5. Kathy,
    I feel for you so much over the issue of bedtime. I’m SO much of a night owl that it’s sometimes a huge struggle for me to get to bed early. Over the last year I’ve done well in moving it up from always midnight or later to typically between 10-11pm. I’m working on getting there no later than 10pm now. It’s tough. I am SO much not a morning person but that is where I keep feeling God nudging me to this. I’ve been going kicking & screaming the whole way! How’s that for honest disobedience? ;-) Although I did get up early this morning & got in things I wanted to do prior to kids getting up. The most amazing part – the kids slept!!! My kids are ALL early risers – not a night owl in the bunch. ::sigh:: I’ll continue to pray for you in all of this! :-)

  6. Sounds like a great plan! We’re trying to get back into a routine around here too and hopefully it won’t feel like such an effort in a week or so. Wishing you well on your new goals for the year!

  7. I always love coming up list my lists, routines etc. . . and I feel even better once I am accomplish them. Great work Kathy!
    Emily SHS

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