Out of Time

I wanted to post a clever Tips for Tuesday parenting blog today. Our new chore/house organizing is going GREAT and I know it would make an excellent blog.

After all, someone who’s been successful for a whole week at keeping her house clean should share the news with the world.

But, I was too busy doing school, breaking up fights, making delicious homemade meals (yes, that’s plural because I fixed grilled cheese sandwiches at lunch today), and participating in family fitness that I didn’t take any pictures that would accompany the post. And without pictures, our blog gets a little dull.

For example, it’s a little boring right now, isn’t it. You’re wishing I would break up the rambling with a picture.


Without pictures and the time needed to write a helpful blog on chores, I’m forced to ramble. Oh, I do have this one picture that I can share. It has nothing to do with parenting or chores or blogging in general but it was taken today.

soup in a bowl

I fixed a yummy stew this evening for dinner and made bread bowls in which to serve it. How cool is that! We’re practically our own Panera Bread. I made our family’s famous Mesa Manna bread recipe (created by my Nana) and then shaped the dough around over-turned (greased) glass bowls. They came out fantastic! I can’t wait to try it again.

I'll have some cheese with my bowl.

Sarah is hogging the blog photo attention these days but she’s so darn cute, it’s hard to resist taking a few extra pictures of her. Joshua is more than willing to give her his share of the photo time.

Sarah and Rachel don’t like stew so they had their bread bowls plain. Garnished with a little cheese of course. :) It’s hard to please everybody. Wouldn’t that be a great Parenting Tip post – How to Please All of Your Children without Going Crazy. Maybe next week.

Project 366 – Day 14

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15 thoughts on “Out of Time”

  1. I’d almost be willing to PAY for that How to Please All of Your Children advice! I’m supposed to make soup for dinner tonight, but Mark and I are the only ones who really like soup. Hmmm. Great job with the bread bowls! M asked me if I could do those and I had no clue how. You’ve given the clue, but do I have the nerve?

  2. Oh I’ll wait for that “how to please all of your children without going crazy” post.

    By the way, those funny videos…I found at You Tube. I accidentally found them while googling the word “Procrastination”.

  3. Kathy,
    You’ve mentioned numerous times in your blogs about “Mesa Manna” and I’ve always wanted to ask you for the recipe. It sounds so good everytime you talk about it! Do you share your recipes?
    Aunt Sue

  4. I’m with you, it’s so annoying when ONE child out of 4 doesn’t like what I make. *sigh* If only I could go a week w/o one child reminding me that they don’t like peas, or cheese or lettuce.

    cool breadbowl idea.

  5. Great looking bread bowls. We love soup/stew in this house and the bread loving Littles would go nuts over those bowls. I’ll have to try that.

  6. I have an idea for another bread bowl so maybe I’ll get the kids to help me today (call it home ec) and we’ll make up another batch. If I get some good pictures (and it’s actually a sunny day, Thank You Lord), I can surely come up with a decent blog. :)

    Of course, I’ll include our famous Mesa Manna recipe. In honor of Nana!

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