Snow is Gone

Here today, gone tomorrow, that’s pretty much what we say about snow in these parts. Last year we had a lovely snow fall. I rushed out and bought boots for David and Sarah.

It didn’t snow again the entire winter. I don’t think they EVER even wore the darn boots.

So, there is no need to feel jealous of our abundant snow fall. True, it covered the streets (briefly) and was perfect (dense and solid, just right for snowballs, men and forts), but it’s melted now.

All that remains is the odd clump of snow here or there around town.

one last snowball

Yesterday Daniel gathered enough snow to make one last snowball before the rain settled in.

The Last of the Snowballs – the children long to see more of your kind around these parts. Me – I’d go for a week in Hawaii.

Project 366 – Day 29

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5 thoughts on “Snow is Gone”

  1. I think I’ll opt for that week in Hawaii, too!!

    Mason and Chloe got snow in Porltand, too- and it’s also GONE. AH, yes.

    Have a good Thursday. I love you, Aunt Kate

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