Not How I Want to Spend My Evening

On the way home from church this evening, I was in a car accident.

Miraculously, this is the extent of the damage to our car.

that's it?

We lost our hub cap (it was subsequently run over and destroyed) and have a small gash in the side.

I was passing through an intersection near home when the driver, waiting in the left turn lane, decided (misguidedly) that she had the right of way and turned directly into the back corner of my van. It was rather traumatic in a slow-motion sort of way. I was not speeding or rushing through the light. I could see the other car was making the turn and I swerved as far away from her, over to the right as I could.

Poor Daniel, who was with me in the van. He thought we were going to “… hit the lamp post, explode, and that would be the end of us.” A car accident lawyer can assist people in filing complaints against insurance companies for car accidents. They also represent people in car, as well as other vehicle, accident claims. It is very essential for an individual who becomes the victim of a car accident that they contact a skilled accident lawyer as early as they can after the accident happens. It is important to get the highest recompense that the victims deserve for their injury and harm due to the accident.

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Explode? Makes you wonder just what kind of movies he has been watching.

Unfortunately, the other driver received a harsher blow.


I can easily think of over 100 things I would rather be doing on a Wednesday evening than stand in a parking lot, surveying damage to vehicles that have collided on the road.

Praise God we were safe and no one was hurt!!

Project 366 – Day 30

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10 thoughts on “Not How I Want to Spend My Evening”

  1. OH KATHY! I’m soooo sorry! :( As you said, thank you Lord that all of you were okay.
    Good thing you have your camera with you always, huh?-! :)

  2. Isn’t that slow motion thing weird? I’m glad you’re all OK! I’m glad you swerved at just the right time, by the looks of where she hit you.

    I’ve been thinking lately that either driver’s ed teachers are scarce, or people aren’t retaining the information because at a 4-way stop (with no light) people seem so stunned and forget the rules. Or maybe the “person to your right has the right-of-way or the first person to stop if there are only two” rule is outdated?

    Dear Daniel. :) Now he knows there’s a little leeway between impact and blowing up..chuckle ;)

  3. Did you have to get the police involved? I know that means waiting around–which can get long and the shakes sometimes start!! Was the other person taking responsibility? Poor Daniel- it is quite unnerving.

    I love you and am praising God that you are safe.

    Aunt Kate

  4. The thing that made me laugh is that you ACTUALLY got a PICTURE of the other person’s car! You crack me up. How exactly did you go about explaining that you needed that picture? I love that you’re my SIL.

  5. I was in an accident like this when I was 17, except I hit their car (who had not yielded to me when turning left). The damage was a little worse than this, and my mom never has let me live it down (it was her car) even though that was over 7 years ago.

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