Better Than Sleep

I had a whole post written out (okay, so it was in my head) about the power of scripture and staying in the Word. I spent a good portion of yesterday catching up on my Bible study homework. I’m going through Beth Moore’s study on the book of Daniel at church. Because our leaders understand that we are lazy and shallow busy women, they have devised a way to encourage us to complete our homework.

A basket of goodies!!

Yes, if you finish your weekly homework you can select a gift from the You Go, Girl! basket. In the basket they have candles, note cards, hair accessories, lotion, etc.

let's study Daniel

What a cute headband. Why yes, it’s a prize for doing my homework.

It’s basically Bribery for Women!!

And it works. Sigh. I was determined to finish my homework, even if it meant doing FOUR lessons in one day. Pathetic!

rachel's Bible study

what a great book

Rachel is working through a Kay Arthur study on the book of John.

Of course, wouldn’t you know it every single thing I had been dealing with and struggling over this past week were specifically addressed in the daily assignments.

My Discontented Spirit
My Feelings of Discouragement and Failure
My Self-absorption

Every single one.

When the Lord sets out to speak to me and teach me a lesson, I find that He is often creative, patient and THOROUGH. Not only did I learn that I simply MUST stay in the Word in order to have the right perspective on life and my identity as a daughter of the King, I also clearly saw that God is ready and waiting to teach me if I run to Him. Only a great and sovereign God could orchestrate it so this week’s lesson would apply directly to my spiritual battles.

If only I had met with Him.
If only I had done my lesson each day.
If only I had turned to His word instead of wallowing in feelings of self-pity and discontent.

Praise the Lord that He is faithful and forgiving and welcomes me back whenever I tarry. Praise God that He loves me with compassion and that His mercies are new every day.

Because I need them.

daniel's Bible study

look at this diligent student of the word

Daniel is studying I and II Samuel in his Bible lessons.

Wouldn’t that have been a great post! Wouldn’t you have loved to read it. Wouldn’t you have been encouraged and challenged to get into the Word yourself.

That’s what I was going to write. I was. The Lord spoke to me through a friend, on Sunday, and showed me it wasn’t sleep I needed, but Him.

Spiritual Food is Better for the Soul than Sleep

Yep, that was my intended title. I had it all planned out and mostly written.

Then I fell asleep.

Really. It would be too pitiful to make this up. I went upstairs to talk to Tim, got into my snuggly warm bed, completely intending to go downstairs in a few minutes to inspire you all with my blog, and fell promptly asleep.

There’s another lesson in there somewhere, but I don’t have time to unearth it right now. I’m blogging in the middle of the day (gasp) and there are children to feed and educate.

Project 366 – Day 43

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6 thoughts on “Better Than Sleep”

  1. Wow, Kathy. When I first read today’s title, I thought, “What could possibly be better than sleep?” But then I read your blog, and yes, you’re so very right. It’s in the same category as Psalm 19′s “more precious than gold” and “sweeter than the honeycomb”. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the great reminders, Kathy. I struggle to make Bible study a priority in my life, thinking that I have too much to do to squeeze it all in. But… you’re right. When we turn to God instead of wallowing in our own self doubt and pity, we find our blessings magnified. Great inspiration to dig into the Word.

  3. This post really spoke to me. I am a very late night person. Seriously late. But, when my husband gets up and sees that I’m reading the Bible? How can he be mad when I don’t get up and make his lunch in the morning? He doesn’t. He’s happy that I’m happy.

    Often I have the best times praying and reading my Bible at 1am. Weird, but that’s just me.

  4. Kathy…I’m a late night person too. I do my best Bible studying, late, late, late when the house is quiet. But my kiddos are late sleepers too…which raises a whole ‘nuther set of issues.

  5. Beth Moore’s Daniel study is actually the only one I’ve ever watched the DVD for. I didn’t actually do any of the homework, just enjoyed listening while Cindy was going through the study. I was blown away by the depth and the angle and the personal application from I what I thought was a very not-related-to-me book of the Bible. Go Beth.

  6. 2008 so far has been a great year for me. . .I am putting my Bible reading and prayer first! I do have to try to be in bed by midnight . . or I get grouchy the next day!

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