Moms Don’t Get Sick

I thought moms weren’t allowed to get sick. Isn’t that some sort of Code among mothers?

Kids can go from one illness to the next, dads fall by the wayside when the sniffles hit, but moms (stalwart and strong) walk confidently through the colds, flus, and plagues of the winter months.

one pathetic mama

Isn’t that a flattering picture!

Would someone please explain to my immune system that I do NOT have time to be sick. I have to teach school and take care of my family. I can’t read books with a scratchy throat and runny nose. Our church is hosting a marriage conference this weekend and I have responsibilities. There’s no time in my schedule for napping!

get me some meds

Stop taking my picture, I’m sick!

Usually I sail through these times with nary a sniffle or cough. I’m available to hand out tissues, dispense medicine and offer helpful suggestions like: “Drink plenty of liquids. Have some tea. Get back in bed and rest a bit.”

Not this time. Someone put on the water and get me some tea!

Sarah's got my tea!

Thank goodness I bought some delicious new teas this weekend.

Now to find the perfect spot for a nice nap.


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14 thoughts on “Moms Don’t Get Sick”

  1. So sorry the seasonal bugs have gotten the better of you, Kathy! I hope the tea and some sort of restful moments revive you quickly. (I think my Mom handbook says Moms are allowed one Sick per winter season, but only one. Milk it for whatever you can while you can.)

  2. Hi, dear Katherine. I’m so sorry you are sick. Are you sharing the yuk that your daddy has in Texas? No fun.

    Please rest and drink liquids. The world will keep revolving.

    I love you. Aunt Kate

  3. Kathy,
    I checked out Scribbit and her recipe looks great! The tamarind paste is a key ingredient, one I have seen left out in Western recipes.
    Usually it is served with tofu too, even if shrimp or chicken is also included.
    I thought her play by play was hilarious and was laughing out loud when I read it to Greg.
    Your new tool would be very handy in making Phad Thai, give it a try.
    I check her blog out every once in a while and used her idea for valentines this year for our ladies retreat. She had cute little mice valentines and since we had our ladies retreat around the time of Chinese New Year here and this is the year of the Rat, I thought they were appropriate.

    Our friend Russ swears, (or he would if scripture allowed swearing! :) ) by a super hot papaya salad followed by a Coke. Works for him! I wonder if a Talking Rain would have the same effect?

    Feel Better!

  4. Oh, Kathy! Feel better soon! (And, very brave of you to post the very flattering pictures! Glad illness hasn’t robbed you of your sense of humor and humility.)

  5. I think part of the Sick Mama Code is the refusal to admit it, when you do actually get sick. Happily for me, the Sick Papa Code involves making as big a deal of it as possible, acting as though the world has come to an end.

    I was really bummed that I didn’t manage to get a milkshake out of this one, though … when your throat hurts that badly, you really ought to get a milkshake.

    I hope you feel better, soon, beloved. :(

  6. I use slices of lemon with a scoop of honey in hot water for a healing ‘tea’. Works great for a sore throat! Helps with clearing the sinuses, too. Great for the immune system.
    Many Blessings,

  7. Ewwww! Sometimes you just have to admit that you need a break! Greg and I both have a version of the flu and all three kids do too! Can you say ugh???!!!

    let’s be sick together and let our husband’s take care of us! yay!!!

  8. Aw, poor Kathy! Trevor is sick with a cold too, the first one since we’ve moved, and I’m just sure at least one more of us will get it. Cute pics, btw. Is Sarah wearing footie pajamas in that last photo? Looks like exactly what YOU need!

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