What is this picture?

We had co-op this week. No matter how we plan or schedule our time, the kids are constantly working on projects at the last minute.

I can’t imagine where they get that from!

Perhaps from their father’s side of the family.

Please don’t check the time stamp on this post.

As I was saying, each week there is something that needs IMMEDIATE attention, at the last minute. Is this true for public school as well or is it because we only have classes one day a week? Do all parents face this, “Oh no, my assignment is due tomorrow and I haven’t started!” phenomena?

Daniel and Rachel hurry to memorize their spelling words. Joshua is usually on the computer finalizing his presentation homework. Daniel often has a paper to finish for our writing class. The only reason Joshua and Rachel aren’t also furiously writing is that they aren’t taking the course this semester.

doing his math

Sorry kids, just being real.

This was Daniel creation for co-op. Can you identify if from my poorly taken picture?

what is this?

So not only am I homeschooling the children, teaching them during the day, molding and shaping their little brains, I’m also monitoring homework someone ELSE has assigned them.

We started watching Pollyanna this evening.

I can see I need to practice playing The Glad Game.

that's my girl

I’m awfully glad God blessed me with this sweet daughter.


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4 thoughts on “What is this picture?”

  1. What a GORGEOUS picture of sweet Rachel! She is turning into quite the beauty. Such a sweet smile and beautiful hair.

    And, is that a volcano? Looks like a fun project. :)

    I can tell you, at least with my high schoolers, procrastination is very much alive and running rampant in public schools as well… you guys are so great!

    Much love to everyone,
    Aunt Emily

  2. I wouldn’t worry Kathy… from what I hear, homework procrastination is a universal phenomenon – LOL! The volcano turned out great though, and I think you’re doing a fabulous job of molding the little minds placed in your care! :D

  3. Would they really be kids though, if they didn’t wait until the last second possible?

    I love our co-op. It serves a great purpose, but it always makes me thankful that I’m not sending my kids daily to school to five different teachers with five sets of expectations. Now that would be craziness!

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