Roasted Veggies

This evening I prepared some delicious roasted vegetables for dinner. I took 3 small yellow onions and 1 large sweet onion, diced them all and put in a large baking pan. I misted them with some olive oil (with my wonderful Pampered Chef spritzer), added lots of minced garlic and some seasoning salt. I chopped three small red potatoes and added them to the onions.

let's just spritz something

Not my actual spritzer, my hands or my peppers.

Bake 400 for 20 minutes

Asparagus was $1.49 a pound last week I still can’t believe I didn’t buy more when it was so gloriously cheap. Still, it only lasts so long in the fridge and I’m the only asparagus lover in the family, so perhaps three bags was enough.

daniel and sarah in the Fort

“Sarah, you want any asparagus? Me neither!”

Snap woody ends off asparagus and add to onion/potato combo. Toss sliced mushrooms on top. Mist veggies with olive oil again and salt lightly.

Bake 425 for another 20 minutes

Okay, so the cooking time is approximate. Roast veggies until tender and delicious. Next time I’m adding some squash and fresh tomatoes in at the end with the mushrooms. Yum!

veggies anyone?


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11 thoughts on “Roasted Veggies”

  1. Forget the asparagus and mushrooms. Or just send a carton of sweet onions here for me to savor, enjoy, and add to soup. Try making Cambel’s chicken noodle soup add onions carrots and chicken that has been cooked with just salt pepper and oil. The result is enough to entice birds out of their nests to try some.

  2. Sounds really yummy Kathy!
    I loved your 5 for 5 post. I wish I could get in on that. I need something to keep me accoutable. Greg and I on ‘the plan’ together did not last very long. :(
    I am in charge of elementary swimming this last quarter at Grace since the real teacher took a short furlough. I am trying to get in some laps after school each day since I am already in my suit and probably wet too!
    Just want to fit into the pants I brought with me! :)
    When you have a specific goal, you do great with sticking to your plan and working towards it. Keep it up! Can’t wait to hear your good progress.
    miss you much!

  3. Yummy!!! One of my faves for asparagus is marinating it in soy sauce and EVVO (extra virgin olive oil) and throwing it on the grill! All veggies are great on the grill!! chopped red potatoes with a little bit of mustard, italian dressing, Emeril’s essence and shredded Asiago cheese, EVVO and thrown into a foil packet on the grill is great too! (I just experiment with the spices…)

    come eat some asparagus with me – Greg and I are the only ones who eat in our family!!

  4. Y’all are welcome to the asparagus; God made it just for folks like you! But otherwise, yummy ideas, Kathy and Posie!

  5. That’s not fair, tempting me with pictures of such mouth-watering, delectable treats as this. This dish truly looks delightful, especially with the little red potatoes.

    Can I order take out?

  6. Oh this sounds so good! Thanks for sharing. My Peanut and I LOVE asparagus. Hubby puts up with it.

    You asked about The Firm. I am a fan too. They got me in shape and the older Firms are so silly and effective. My motivation was not being able to wear the many many lovely slacks and pants in my closet without offending someone and almost weighing as much as my husband. It does help to have someone to check in with too. My aunt was supposed to be that person but she’s doing good to do situps lately LOL!

    Dust off those videos! I just ordered some older ones I didn’t have. It’s much better if I get up before Peanut and workout. I’m hanging in there. Staying focused for 21 days made it kind of a regular part of my routine so not doing it would seem odd now.

    LOL! Long comment. Oh well nice to talk to a Firm fan.

    Beautiful children.

    God bless!

  7. That sounds delicious. Actually, I haven’t ventured out to asparagus yet, and I don’t like mushrooms or tomatoes, but I think I could do it with the squash, onions, and potatoes.

  8. Kathy – we roasted asparagus and onions after your last post about it and it was WONDERFUL. My PC spritzers never work or last….I can’t figure out why…….l

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