How Much is Your Integrity Worth

It turns out, mine isn’t worth much.

$50 maybe.

joshua's math

Let’s see how far you can get on fifty dollars.

What? Could that be possible? I would sell my honor, my integrity, my honesty for a measly fifty bucks?

Maybe not, but I have to admit I was tempted.

I’m in the middle of a competition of sorts. 5 for $5 we call it, where several of us have gathered to set out and meet five goals. Each person chipped in five dollars, established five goals and reports their success (valued in points) each week for five weeks.

It’s a clever idea, motivating and challenging, requires little administrative organization from me (other than gathering the money and keeping track of points) and places the work squarely back on the shoulders of the group.

Except for one thing – we’re all following the honor system. If I want to have a chance to win the grand prize money, I have to have nearly a perfect score each week. Twice in the past two weeks I have been sorely tempted to “stretch” the truth regarding my goals.

Are white lies “little?” Do they still count as lies?

rachel's math

Lies = 3.1415926535. Oh wait, that’s Pi. My mistake.

If my goal is to record my food daily and stick to a certain calorie count and I “forget” to include a few items, am I lying? If I spend the day cleaning but never make it to the gym for a “workout,” can I call my cleaning time “exercise?”

More importantly, am I teaching my children to be honest when no one is looking? To be aware that God is watching their actions, knows their hearts and sees the choices they make? Do they know the reasons BEHIND the “rules and regulations” set by our family?

Am I teaching them what the Lord thinks about: honesty, kindness, self-control, and personal honor? Are the decisions they make, that govern their lives, based on scripture and what God wants for them?

sarah and tarah

Would you sell your honor for some cookies?

These questions haunt me as my own temptations rise to face me.

Do we sell away pieces of our integrity for small change?

I know that you are pleased with me, for my enemy does not triumph over me. In my integrity you uphold me and set me in your presence forever. (Psalm 41:11-12)

Project 366 – Day 77

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5 thoughts on “How Much is Your Integrity Worth”

  1. Wow, Kathy, what great thoughts. I learned early in my youth ministry days that my every action was scrutinized and analyzed. Not only by the youth, but by their non-believing parents as well. May we never be a stumbling block!

    Even though it’s been over-commercialized, I love the practice of thinking “What would Jesus do?” It makes me stop and think before I embarrass the Lord!

  2. I am astounded at how often I am tempted to shade the truth. Whether it is adding extra detail to a story to make it more interesting (“giving the truth scope”) or just ‘forgetting’ to share a few details that might cause me to look bad, the temptation is always there, just around the corner of my conscience.

    There is no shame in being tempted, though. Jesus was tempted, and He was without sin. The shame is found in giving in to the temptation. With that in mind, and just for the record, what were your points for the first two weeks? :)

  3. Sometimes I’m surprised by the ways that I’m tempted. It’s easy to think that I’m beyond certain sins…but then the temptation comes. Like Tim said, there’s no shame in the temptation, but there is shame in the thought that I think I’m too good to sin. (Yikes!)

  4. You’re doing a beautiful job, Kathy… both in allowing yourself to be sculpted into the image of Christ, and in striving to live a life by example for your children. You are in my prayers as you strive ever closer.

    “Purity of heart is blooming the same colors in the middle of the wilderness when no one sees you.”

    ~Vanna Bonta

    (One of my favorite quotes on the topic of integrity)

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