Easter Pictures

How about a few more Easter pictures. Grandma made the adorable Easter lamb, I can’t take any credit for it.

dying eggs

It wouldn’t be Easter without dying eggs. LOVE the bright colors!

beautiful girl

Nothing like some pearls to liven up a dull paint smock. :)

grandma helped dye eggs

While I worked on last minute meal preparations (and our lamb roast took FOREVER to cook), Grandma helped the children work on Easter eggs. It’s important to have professional help during the holidays.


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5 thoughts on “Easter Pictures”

  1. What a colorful, loving looking bunch! And pretty eggs. We haven’t dyed eggs in ages. But some sneaky persons did hide 30+ filled plastic eggs around our house for Samuel to hunt down and pillage.

  2. Sweet Gramma Edgren. Lovely pictures!

    I love the egg colors.

    Happy Wed. to you each. Love you, Aunt Kate

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