Sometimes You’re Up

david takes off

there he goes!

And sometimes you’re down.

ouchget up, buddy!

I wish I could keep a smile on my face when life knocked me down.

I’ve been struggling to be faithful with my 5 for $5 Goals this week. Easter weekend was lovely and I rejoiced in the celebrations by eating too much and moving too little. Now I’m fighting to get back on track. Or even WANT to get back on track. I don’t feel like drinking my 8 glasses of water or recording my food or keeping my calories down. My workout schedule is all thrown off this week with our break from PE. Not only that but I made some delicious rolls on Sunday and practically need a restraining order to stay away from them.

To top it all off I found out this morning that I need a root canal. Yuck! Did I mention Tim and I are planning to wean ourselves off credit and get on a serious budget come April 1st? That’s in less than a week.

sarah crawls away

Thankfully I’m surrounded by great friends who encourage me to keep going. Tomorrow a friend is picking me up and dragging my sorry bones to the Y for a great workout. And I received this email from another friend this evening.

Just ONE DAY AT A TIME……okay? Don’t beat yourself up. DON’T DO IT. The enemy wants to you feel defeated, that you’ll never make it, and to just give up. WELL, know that you are a DAUGHTER OF THE KING AND ‘…God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.’ You have the Spirit of God living in you…..don’t let your thoughts go anywhere but there…..

Whew! I needed that reminder. I might be crawling around on the ground with my knee pads and helmet on but at least I’ve got support ready to help me up.

Project 366 – Day 84

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7 thoughts on “Sometimes You’re Up”

  1. Thank God for such a great friend, who speaks God’s truth in such an encouraging way! Enjoy that workout!

  2. I love the smile on David’s face even from the ground. How lovely!! Remember that you and Tim and the Lord have helped that guy think about smiling when he falls.

    You can do it, too. One day, one hour. No looking back.

    I love you, sweet Katherine. Aunt Kate

  3. Great post. I love the pictures!!! Great analogy about being down on the ground with our kneepads and helmet on…. reaching up for the hand of the King.

    It just seems like the month of March has been extremely difficult for so many folks. I thought maybe it was just us, but in reading others blogs and talking to people IRL, it seems to be pretty widespread!!!

    On to April!!!!

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