Indian Winter

We didn’t have anything to say for a couple of days, and attracted some angry messages on our answering machine.

“Where is everybody? Where’s the blog that greets me in the morning? Don’t you people have any sense of responsibility?”

Well, maybe it wasn’t as harsh as all that. But Kathy’s Dad is one of our biggest fans.

Sadly, we still don’t have a lot to say. But we do have a few pictures. We’ve had some snow these last few days, which is a bit disconcerting. We were ready for Spring, not for another bout of Winter.

Snowball Thug
Not content to throw snowballs at me, this little punk also shouted insults.

Zip line memories
Of all my children who rode our zip line, David was the only one who ever fell off. Happily, he doesn’t remember it, and he probably won’t sue.

A boy at the Refuge
We continue to be excited about progress at the Refuge

Early flowers
My Mom directed me to a few of the only flowers that have yet bloomed.

Baby Daffodils
These baby daffodils were planted by our friends David and Kendra.

It was a good day. We visited with some old friends, enjoyed my folks, and came home in time to post a quick blog. Hopefully all will be forgiven.

Project 366, Day 89

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9 thoughts on “Indian Winter”

  1. Well. Okay. Maybe. See, we worry about you when we don’t see this in our e-mail inboxes. What could have happened to them? we ask. Are they all sick in bed and unable even to call for help? Did their internet crash? Did thieves break in and steal the computer? Were they abducted by aliens? Or by grandparents who don’t have high-speed internet? Are they at the hospital with another appendicitis attack? Or maybe just so busy having a great life that they don’t have time to tell us? So, really it’s our love and concern for you (as well as our desire for vicarious fun) that prompts those messages and notes. Glad you’re back!

  2. Hah, my poor sil and bil were stuck at O’Hare because of Seattle’s snow! They got into SEATAC too late to make it home that night (Leavenworth). The next day was even worse weather-wise, but they took the north pass and finally made it home okay. Even my mom had snow on San Juan Island!

    As for me, well, I wore capris and sandals for the first time this year.

    But the real reason I wanted to comment: Kathy, I love whatever it is you are doing with your photos. They look fantastic! I may be giving myself the first pedicure of the year, but Photoshop remains unopened, lol.

  3. Snow, snow BE GONE!
    there, that should do it!

    What is the refuge?
    Is that your HOUSE?
    Either way, it is bee-you-ti-ful!


  4. Hah hah — Leaann, we only wish that was our house. The Refuge is a Christian Retreat and Conference center being constructed under the vision and leadership of my parents, with substantial help from as many as 500 other Christians.

    It is being built a hundred yards or so from where we used to live, in the Duckabush valley. We get to visit quite a bit, which is fun.

    Thanks for the anti-snow curse. I’m not sure it is working … we had snow during Sunday School again. But the sun is shining now, so maybe we can put all such things behind us.

  5. Okay, last week (Tues or Wed) it actually snowed AGAIN for a few minutes in Atlanta!!!! I was coming out of the store and was shocked!! Then later that day it hailed pretty hard, fast and viciously…and then the tornado hit downtown Atlanta….a strange spring for sure!

  6. The refuge is looking fantastic!

    Tim, is that first flower picture a Hellabore? I am going to add these to my garden this year. They are lovely.

  7. Winter refuses to give up its hold on us as well. I live in the SOUTH where it’s supposed to be spring already. Instead, today is cold and rainy (unusual for us, but a great blessing since we’re in a very extreme drought!).

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