Baby Chicks

One of the families brought baby chicks to co-op this week. What a treat!

baby chickssarah is tentativegoing for itjump for it!little fuzzy fellas

I remember years ago friends brought their horse to Vacation Bible School. Strange, no one seems to have a cow. Anybody own a cow? We had friends with goats and another with llamas. No cows. Is there a deep, meaningful lesson in the lack of pet cows? What would Gary Larson have to say about that?


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11 thoughts on “Baby Chicks”

  1. How very dear!! Sweet Sarah. What was she saying when she had her mouth open and hands empty? ha.

    I love you. Sorry I can’t help you out with a cow.

    Aunt Kate

  2. Grew up with cows. My brother still owns some. The problem with owning even one cow is the amount of land you are required to own for it. People just don’t have land anymore, especially where you live.

  3. Those baby chicks are “almost” as cute as your sweet little girl!

    I got your prize package today, and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time! I was feeling blue on the way out to the mailbox, but smiling on the trip back! Thank you SO MUCH! I have also posted a thank you on my blog,, with a link to your blog! Blessings to you and your sweet family, always!

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