Sleep Question

If you fall asleep in your super comfy, leather recliner is it a nap or part of the night’s sleep?

Does it count toward bed time if it’s close to midnight and a nap if it’s in the middle of the afternoon?

These are important questions. Help me out! Also, I’m curious to know if I’m the only one who finds herself taking a little snooze on occasion.

Let me know!

For more homeschooling related thoughts, go and check out the Ultimate Homeschool Expo, a homeschool convention completely online. What do you think? Great concept whose time has come or wacky idea from a bunch of geeky homeschoolers?


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7 thoughts on “Sleep Question”

  1. Many Sunday afternoons, I watch a movie with the little ones.. it never fails that I miss a huge chunk of the film. And of course it’s always the climax and resolution….

  2. I almost fell asleep in evening church last night. But I didn’t!

    I love you, sweet Katherine. I think grabbing a nap here and there is probably called survival!

    Love, Aunt Kate

  3. Re the Ultimate Homeschool Expo: I choose C., perhaps a chance for a lot of these unknown people to self-promote? (Through the whole list of speakers, I recognized two names, and I’ve been around for a little while!)

    I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the number of young hs moms who seem to have their fingers and toes in everything. They have three or four children under the age of 8, run a web-based business on the side, been hsing for two years, blog like there’s no tomorrow, and are self-proclaimed experts at every aspect of hsing! All I can wonder is WHEN do they find time to actually TEACH?! LOL

    Anyway, $40 for the privilege of listening to someone else preach at me about hs methods or curriculum?…while desperately waiting for my Broadband connection to connect with the endless links?…and trying to teach my kids, live my life, and all that, over the course of a week? It rather wrecks all the fun of the whole homeschool convention idea in the first place.

    It’s like eating fat free potato chips–what’s the point?

    Off to school now, I suppose, lol!

  4. Naps. One of my favorite things that should have been in that “Sound of Music” song! It’s a nap if it’s before dinner, or maybe early in the evening. Otherwise it’s part of the night’s sleep. They’re therapeutic, transforming a weary homeschool mom into a loving cheerful wife when hubby comes home! (As long as we don’t rub it in that we actually had the chance for a nap while hubby was toiling away to earn a living for us all.)

  5. I agree a little with Kristine, re: the online homeschool convention. I’m not sure why I should pay the host $40 — what are her costs? Hosting the whole thing on a website can’t cost more than $120/month, and I doubt she’s paying the speakers an honorarium. She has no facilities expenses, so it comes down to the cost in time of building the site for the expo on the web and the time involved in loading the MP3 files to the appropriate directory. Maybe there is a lot of effort behind the scenes in terms of building a quality network of contributors … but it seems a little pricey to me, especially if the contributors are not ‘big names’ in homeschooling. Before I shell out $40, I’d like to know, how high was the bar for being a ‘speaker’. If you own a desktop microphone and have an opinion about homeschooling, is that enough? Hey, I own a desktop microphone … maybe I should host my own expo? :)

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