I Hate Calories

Okay, maybe it’s more fair to say I hate COUNTING calories! Harumph. It seems no matter how healthy and lean I keep my eating, those calories still add up. It’s frustrating.

oh the pain, the agony

David obviously sympathizes with me.

Still, summer is coming and I would rather not be depressed and grumpy because my clothes are tight. Let’s see, grumpy about calories or grumpy about fat? Hmmmm, What a fantastic choice.

Why is this self-discipline thing is so difficult? Does EVERY area in life require self-control?

Spiritual walk – check
Finances – check
Fitness – check
Homeschooling – check
Housework – check
Eating – check
Parenting – check

where's waldo?

Self-control alert – must not kiss that sweet face!

Each one of these categories require me to say “no” to my self-indulgent ways. I LIKE being self-indulgent. Isn’t that the whole point? Sigh. To be honest, however, I have to say I don’t care for the consequences of all that lazy living.

Spiritual walk – stagnation and sin
Finances – debt and struggles
Fitness – flab and fatigue
Homeschooling – uneducated children
Housework – messy, cluttered home
Eating – fat and poor health
Parenting – undisciplined, out of control children

So instead of eating, I will fix a cup of tea. Instead of spending money, I shall go to the library. When I want to sit back and blog all evening, I’ll see if Tim will take a walk with me. I’ll read my Bible and journal in the morning because I love God and want to know Him better. I’ll pray (desperately at times) to remain consistent in my parenting. I’ll step away from my computer during the day and diligently homeschool my children. I’ll enlist their help with the cooking and cleaning.

you can do it, Mom!

Rachel cheers me on!

And at night, I’ll fall in bed exhausted but content.

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Hebrews 12:1


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10 thoughts on “I Hate Calories”

  1. As they say, “You go, girl!” Running with perseverance sounds like it might burn off some calories, too.

  2. So well stated. Sometimes it seems as if all of life is an uphill battle. Yet it is a rich and blessed life when following Christ and pouring oneself out for others.

    It’s just hard to remember that sometimes.

  3. Kathy,
    How true that self-control, or rather being Spirit-led is necessary in all aspects of life. I am there with you my friend, finding so many areas in which the Lord seems to dealing with me. Fitness and food choices being right up there! He seems to be trying to teach me that if I just learn to be satisfied more fully in Him every day, then I will look for satisfaction less and less in other things like food, or ‘leisure’ activities. And I cannot be fully satisfied with Him until I spend more time with Him and do that by being with Him more intimately in prayer and in His Word.
    Praying with you and for Kathy!
    You do encourage me so and I thank you for it!

  4. Beautiful picture of Rachel. Capture that in a single sometime. It’s so lovely and alive.

    I love you. You are a work in progress- and God’s beloved creation.

    Aunt Kate

  5. I just wrote a comment- but maybe didn’t send it?

    I love the picture of Rachel- can you get a single of it? It’s glorious and alive.

    You are a work in progress- God is not thru with you. He adores you.

    Me, too. Aunt Kate

  6. Well said. I wish I could have self-control in all areas at all times. It seems just when I get one area well grounded, something else goes to pot.

    Running with you….

  7. Wow…you totally nailed it girl. I am struggling with realizing how truly selfish I am. It is not pretty. God is whacking me w/messages on self-discipline everywhere! I struggle daily…especially with the food/exercise one.

    Great post…and encouragement to stay the course.

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