Families – jump on the count of three

As a mother of five, I often feel pulled in many directions. Guilt is my constant companion. Am I doing enough? Is everyone getting enough of my love, attention and support? Is the laundry clean? Do the children have nutritious meals and snacks to feed and nourish their bodies? Are the younger ones learning to read, write and excel in mathematics? Are the older ones being challenged in all the areas of their schooling?

How can I possibly provide each child with all that he or she needs? Maybe I did them a great disservice by adding so many siblings to the bunch.

Just when I begin to doubt the wisdom of having a large family I hear shrieks of laughter. I look outside and see something like this.

ready, set go!

Joshua swings the rope while the kids race by.

time to jump over!

Look at Sarah fly up in the eir.

down again

And then I glimpse the joy the children have in being together. I laugh because their play is spontaneous and free, their laughter contagious. I thank God for letting me be the mother of these precious five children. I realize anew that their interactions are replete with life lessons.

How to be kind. How to share. How to deal with anger, frustration and disappointment. How to be a servant and a leader. Lessons that are invaluable and will impact each child’s future. In the business world, this kind of training costs companies thousands of dollars. And ours come free of charge. Ha!

And of course, if you are very, very blessed you end up with a big brother like Joshua.

david hugs Joshua

For a step-by-step tutorial on this interesting Photoshop technique, stop by photoshopsupport.com.

The day is nearly over and what is done (or not done) is over by now.

Project 366 – Day 117

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8 thoughts on “Families – jump on the count of three”

  1. Great photos of a precious family. I’m so glad the Lord confirms the rightness of your family and your life choices with such happy reminders! May all of you continue to grow in love for the Lord and for each other. You’re a good testimony.

  2. Cute pics! Our kids are all so far apart that they really don’t “play” much together, but it’s still nice having a large family. I know 4 really isn’t THAT large, but most people think our 4 is large these days (LOL)!

  3. That last photo takes my breath away.

    One of my favorite times of the school day is just before the bell rings when the kids are all arriving. Sometimes as I trudge to my classroom hefting all sorts of books, boxes, bags and my purse, I spy an older sibling gently rearranging clothing or tying a shoe here and there while they walk a little brother or sister to class. It is in these unguarded moments that they are learning to be loving people and practicing to be moms and dads.

  4. I feel the same guilt sometimes. But the laughter and the love that only the siblings can share completely overwhelm the guilt. (sometimes!)

    What a blessing to be able to just sit, watch, and listen to your children enjoying each other.

    I love the last photo. What a memory for all of you. :)

  5. Kathy, the fact that they play happily together isn’t just by chance, you know. It’s a result of your intentional parenting.

    I was the oldest of a very unhappy bunch of 5 siblings who fought like crazy, so it’s not inevitable that large families get on so well!

    Well done, Mum!

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