Co-Op Ends

Hooray – the semester (and year) of our homeschooling co-op has come to a lovely finish!! I love being a part of such an amazing group. The board members are dedicated, passionate women who love the students and believe whole-heartedly in making our co-op excellent. The other families are composed of some of our dearest friends. The kids thrive in their different classes – Rachel and Daniel both scored in the top of their spelling class. I am constantly delighted in the work the students produce for me in my classes.

sarah sips her tea daintily

We had a tea party in our kindergarten class this morning.

All of that said, I am thrilled to shed the responsibility, stress and work of another year at co-op. Whew! In the meantime, I will try hard not to think about the THREE classes I have committed to teaching next semester. There are so many fun ideas I like to explore with the kids, I have a difficult time pacing myself.

Ah, but fall is a long time away and I plan to thoroughly enjoy the spring and summer.

girls love purses at any age

What’s a party without accessories?

Tim took over 300 pictures of our Friends and Family Night where the kindergarteners graduated, the choir performed, the older three took part in a mystery play, and the parents/teachers were honored.

let's get those cap and gowns

First grade here we come!

Hopefully at least one or two of the pictures turned out.

Project 366 – Day 116

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5 thoughts on “Co-Op Ends”

  1. Congratulations, all of you! I believe your time invested is truly invested worthily, in the minds and souls and lives of our “little ones”. May the Lord multiply to you the blessing you have been to other families!

  2. Congrats on finishing up with style and success.

    I’m with your mama- could you start the prep for next year this summer?

    I love you and yours. Aunt Kate (I hope we get to see more of Tim’s 300+ pics)

  3. We only have 3 more co-op days and then we’ll be done as well. It’s been a LONG YEAR (LOL) and I’m looking forward to the rest of spring and then summer!

  4. Congratulations — you made it! :D We start up our very first year of homeschooling this fall, so it’s been fun to follow along with your kiddos and their progress.

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