Tomato Plants, Anyone

Daniel and Tim are in the tomato business.
Cherry tomatoes.
$1 a plant.

tomatoes for sale

Nothing like a bright red van to complement the tomato business.

I’m pretty sure this new endeavor will put at least one of the five children through college.

Project 366 – Day 121

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7 thoughts on “Tomato Plants, Anyone”

  1. So, do they split the proceeds 50/50? And what about all those helpers? Do they have to be paid? A whole plant for $1 sounds like a good deal. We’ll buy some if R or J brings any along?

  2. Heh. I bear all the risk and the cost, and Daniel provides some of the labor. It’s a great deal for one of us, although I think I am getting a lot more joy out of the actual growing of the plants than is Daniel.

    We figure the green pots cost us about $0.15 each, and the peat starter disks run about $0.10, if you factor in the cost of the seeds as well. Add about $.20 worth of dirt and let God grow the plant, and you’ve got a 6-inch tomato plant, ready to sell for a buck.

    Too bad we live on a cul-de-sac.

    I’ve been scouring the municipal code to see if we’re allowed to sell our plants on the right-of-way out on the main street — so far, I can’t tell for sure. We’re not allowed to block foot traffic, nor are we allowed to construct any kind of a semi-permanent stand on the right-of-way … but there is a great corner near our house that I’d like to try. Sometimes people leave their for-sale cars there …

    If Daniel and I are going to hit the big time with our plants, I guess I need to register a business license. Actually, I have one, but it is for software development. Not sure I can make it stretch to include tomato plant sales.

  3. I want a plant. Jerry says he’s only planting 4 tomato plants in the garden this year. I will believe it when I see it!!

    We had lots of tomatos last year- so very satisfactory. Good for you and Daniel, Tim.

    Love you, Aunt Kate

  4. I literally despise tomatoes, but those kids are about the cutest. I’d buy some. really, that means a lot coming from me. :)

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