Anyone Got Dirt?

Tim ordered some dirt for his garden last weekend. Right now most of it is still sitting in our driveway, which you could probably see on Google Earth if you were bored.

get your cars and let's play

The kids, of course, found a better use for the dirt than silly ol’ gardens. It does make you wonder why we spend money on fancy toys, gadgets and other gizmos.

queen of the mountain

Just get them some dirt and they’re happy.

Project 366 – Day 150

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4 thoughts on “Anyone Got Dirt?”

  1. There are few things as fun as a big ‘ol pile of dirt!
    Unless maybe you add some water. :)

  2. Dirt is exactly what Marvin likes, too. At the edges of JW’s garden and right at his hand level is DIRT. AH, joy.

    Love you kids. Aunt Kate

  3. My family moved into a new house when I was in 2nd grade, and it still had a pile of dirt out front. My brother and I played on/in it for hours. Nothing like good ole dirt to have a little fun.

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