Frugal Finance Websites

Here are a few websites/blogs I’ve discovered in my pursuit of frugal living. Okay, I wasn’t exactly pursuing frugal living when I found these. I was really avoiding working on June’s budget spread sheets and having to enter in the frightening amount of money we have managed to spend on groceries in only four days.

It sounds much better to say “pursuing frugal living” than “avoiding financial responsibility.” It’s all about the PR.

Carnival of Personal Finance #154

I never even knew there was one Carnival of Personal Finance, let along a hundred fifty-four of them. Silly me. If you have time, this site is definitely worth perusing. Many, many articles on topics ranging from credit card usage, online banking, financial simplicity, saving and investing.

Money Saving Methods

This mom of three shares ways she has found to save and/or make money that are simple and straightforward. Since she mentions a Starbucks offer on today’s post, I couldn’t resist including her. Carrie is compelling in her comments on using credit cards for the reward programs and she links to several cash back banking offers.

Frugal Hacks

Be careful with this site! You will get lost in all the amazing bloggy links. I finally had to close down the page because there were more fantastic frugal blogs than I had time to research. The host of Frugal Hacks is Kim, mom of 8 (soon to be 9) and writer of In a Shoe blog. Kim and four other bloggers manage the Frugal Hacks site.

I recommend grabbing a cup of coffee, your keyboard and a timer (because you’ll easily lose track of time if you’re not careful) and set out exploring. Share your favorite finance/frugal blog or website. These are just a very few that I’ve stumbled across.

Happy reading!

Who SOLD $9 worth of homeschool materials at a used curriculum sale today and SPENT $15. Hmmm. Obviously still a “frugal living” work in progress. :)

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6 thoughts on “Frugal Finance Websites”

  1. Kathy, a friend of mine has a great Christian, frugal blogsite…It’s and there is a link in my blogroll, or you can just type it in ;)

  2. I can’t believe you only spent $15, with all that money sitting in “Homeschool Expenses” and considering some of the recent clever workarounds you have found to buying new curriculum! That is HUGELY frugal. Good job, Kathy! :)

  3. Have you checked out The Grocery Game yet? I just signed up and the site claims to save the average “player” hundreds on his or her grocery bill each month.

  4. We are doing the Financial Peace workshop with some friends of ours. We don’t personally have any debt, but it is STILL fun to see how much we can save… Our goal is to pay off our house QUICKLY!

  5. WOW… just looked at your debt-o-meter and it looks like you’re well on your way to the 1/2 way mark! WAY TO GO!

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