It’s Raining – Just in Time for Our Picnic

Joshua came downstairs this morning, took one look out the window and called out, “Mom, it’s pouring outside. That must mean today’s our picnic.”

it's cold

Yep. It’s June in Washington. Rain and gray weather. It could just as well be February for all the sunshine we’re getting. Wait, sometimes we have better climate in February.

I telephoned the Y to inquire about the status of our luncheon at the park.

“Rain or shine!” the perky voice on the other line chirped.

She obviously wasn’t going to the picnic.

sarah's new rain jacket

We braved the frightful temps (Joshua is shaking his head at me, reading this, he loves a balmy 50 degrees day), ate hot dogs in the rain (okay we were under the picnic pavilion), received our Presidential Fitness Awards and scurried back home.

I hear summer will be coming in a month or two.

Project 366 – Day 157

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8 thoughts on “It’s Raining – Just in Time for Our Picnic”

  1. Sounds familiar, wait, I’ve got it. That sounds like the six months of rain and gray sky from October to March during the winter here. Rain or shine? Maybe that person was just malicious in planning events on bad weather days. Doubtless she was the wife of the weather man and got the real reports early.

  2. Summer? What is this summer you speak of? hehehe…actually it’s been in the 70s and humid here in Wisconsin but we’ve had the rain too…

  3. That’s too bad about the rain. It’s been nasty our here in Eastern Washington, too. It’s usually in the 80′s and sunny, but we’ve barely made it out of the 60′s this week and have had nothing but rain and clouds.

    At least you’ll always have August!

  4. Perhaps YOU scurried home, some of us did two hours of physical labor after the picnic. What’s a little rain anyway? I shake my head at you mother. How many years have you lived here? You have to get used to the rain someday, may as well be today, or yesterday, as the case may be.

    I say this only because the rain-lovers are almost never defended on this blog. Maybe I should start a rival blog for all those of us who look outside in the morning, hear the rain, and sigh in appreciation. There is a solution for rain: it’s called a raincoat. What can you do when it is too hot? Cower inside, soak yourself in ice, limp from shadow to shadow? Call me crazy, but I’m not real thrilled with these options.

  5. I’ll take your rain anytime because we really need it here! It’s been 95 all this week – hot AND humid – yuck!!!!!!!!! Send some of your rain here – I’m tired of the “chances of rain” forecast – because it hasn’t rained in a couple of weeks!

  6. We’ve had SO MUCH rain here lately that last Sunday our worship pastor welcomed everyone with “Welcome to XYZ Church – Seattle campus” (LOL)! It was HILARIOUS!

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