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I’m trying hard not to whine. Really, I am. It’s cause I’m so mature. Just ask my family. Of course, you can’t ask them now because they’re off playing with grandparents. But, if you could find them and ask them, they would definitely confirm my status as a wise and mature, non-whining mother.

In July the massive, huge, geek-filled blogger conference is being held in San Francisco.

San Francisco, where the sun shines.

Unlike Washington where we have temps colder than Siberia. Yep, according to the Seattle Times, Siberia, Alaska and Norway all have warmer temperatures than good old western Washington. We haven’t seen the sunshine for over a week. Can you sense my despair?

The weather drives some to temper tantrums. I have a great series of pictures of Sarah (age 5 1/2) throwing a fake tantrum on the floor, kicking and screaming, only I can’t upload it. I’m having photo bloggy trouble. In fact, I wrote this last night and had more than just bloggy trouble, but whole website trouble. Nothing gives a blogger and email addict a serious eye twitch like internet problems.

Which brings me back to my Blogher Envy. All the cool, hip and popular bloggy gals are going to the big Blogher conference. And now it turns out there are only 150 spots left. How am I going to run with the Big Bloggers if I have to stay home and be on a budget? It’s enough to make a person whine, fuss and pout.

Not that I’m doing any of those things. Nope. I’m the epitome of a cheerful blogger. And when I read that Mary from Owlhaven is going to the conference, leaving her 10 children at home, I don’t feel jealous at all. Nope. I’m happy for her. I’m thrilled that she’ll meet some of my favorite bloggers, hear fantastic speakers, and receive fun giveaways.

Not to mention enjoy the California sunshine.

Since the conference costs $300, plus hotel fees, plus travel costs, plus clothing expenses (I would obviously need a wardrobe update – bloggers are a very trendy, classy group), I just don’t see the budget allowing such an event.

Now if Rachel would just share some of her babysitting jobs and Joshua let me mow some lawns for him, I could start saving for next year.

Is there any money in muffins?


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4 thoughts on “Blogher Envy”

  1. Well, maybe this is the perfect excuse for us to MIRL! I can’t go either… besides budgetary issues, I’ll be *thisclose* to having a baby and the airlines frown on that kind of thing happening in flight.

    Maybe that cup of coffee I dreamed about was a sort of presentiment, rather than just a fantasy. :)

  2. It’s not such a big deal. I’m not going either. Sure it would be fun to meet the people that write the blogs we love to read but that is a lot of money.

  3. I think I’m missing something “Important” in the blog world. LOL I’d not even heard of this but I’m not sure I’d even find it valuable to attend a conference on how to be a better blogger…..or maybe the focus is meeting big name bloggers? What have I been missing? ::snort:: I may have to do some serious investigation.

    Love your debt thermometer – it appears to be making steady progress…way to go!

  4. LOL about BlogHer… For one split second I thought it might be fun to attend… read about it on the smilebox website. But, then I quickly realized that blogging won’t help me get my photo albums caught up and I’m kind of on a mission to make progress on that front this summer…. I’m REALLY looking forward to the CK scrapbooking convention in Seattle this Nov. My friend and I are already making plans to attend again. Perhaps I’ll connect with you again this time!

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