Elizabeth Gail Mysteries

Rachel (age 12 and 1/2) is flying through the Elizabeth Gail books by Hilda Stahl. And by flying, I mean reading two books a day. I stumbled across this Christian juvenile collection at a homeschool used curriculum sale in May. The books looked interesting so I bought the entire lot – 19 books in all. How could I resist? A big fat stack of books for Rachel – just my type of present.

19 books in all

At first Rachel was reluctant to begin the series. Frankly, they seemed a little too thin, not meaty enough for her. Thankfully there’s nothing like the combination of a prodding mother and a long summer afternoon to encourage one to dive into a waiting book.

I’ll do my best to snag Rachel for a real review of the books this week. She can give us her opinion and recommendations.

What are you pre-teen daughters reading this summer? Are you participating in the summer reading programs at your local library? Rachel told me she recently passed the 10 hour reading mark and is ready to collect her first prize.

Ah, the joy of raising a family of readers!

Project 366 – Day 188

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8 thoughts on “Elizabeth Gail Mysteries”

  1. We don’t participate in the summer reading programs… too far to drive…. but we are doing some summer reading, nonetheless.

  2. I read a lot when I was her age (and I still do), but I have never heard of these books. Looking back at what I was reading as I was in middle school, and there was a lot that was not edifying. At some point my mom realized and corrected this, but not until after damage was done. It’s really sad how much of juvenile literature (can I use this word?) is pure trash.

  3. ohhh very nice…we do the library program too…they enjoy it but it doesn’t really motivate them since they read two and three books a day as it is. Will you be parting with these books anytime after she’s gone through them? I know two girls who would inhale them…

  4. I’m DEFINITELY not a pre-teen anymore, and I don’t have a pre-teen daughter, but I’ve just finished the Anne of Green Gables series for about the umpteenth time. I started reading them every summer when I was about 12 and immediately fell in love with them. It looks like Rachel has some great summer reading there.

  5. I used to love the Elizabeth Gail series!!! I read it a couple of times, still have them all!

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