As if there weren’t enough things to occupy my time and distract me from life, now I can add Facebook to the list. Blogs, email, homeschool groups, online carnivals – I could spend my entire day glued to the computer screen.

It’s wonderful! Especially when you are sun-burnt and afraid to go outside. Well, maybe it’s not really wonderful since eventually the family needs food and clean laundry. It’s a little hard to wash dishes or fold laundry (as if I ever do that) while the keyboard is on your lap and the mouse permanently glued to your fingertips.

Sarah's too cool for Facebook

I keep trying to get Sarah to do all the cooking and cleaning but she gives me that Princess Smile and I’m lost.

Anyway, back to Facebook. Basically it’s a social networking utility where you can connect with friends, family, co-workers, and fellow students. It was originally created by a Harvard sophomore, exclusively for other Harvard students. Gotta love those brilliant (and slightly bored) college students! Facebook expanded to other Ivy league schools (no need to be exclusive when there’s money to be made and students to exploit, I mean reach), high schools and finally the general public.

I can’t quite explain why it’s so fun, something about reaching out through the cyber world and connecting with friends. I know that I’m way behind the times, but I can’t help it.

“Girl, Facebook is, like, so 2006. Get with it! This homeschooling thing is keeping you unsocialized and ignorant.”

Not only did I lose precious hours of my day adding “friends” to my list, I pulled Tim into the Facebook world.

“The woman you put here with me – she invited me to her Facebook, and I joined.”

David, Sarah and Caedie

This picture has nothing to do with Facebook but I just love the little playhouse and therefore it deserves a spot on the blog.

On the other hand, I connected with some College of William and Mary alums and found one of my closest high school friends. I couldn’t believe it! I haven’t seen Jennifer since Tim and I were married. What are the odds that she would be one of the first people I ran in to? Even stranger is the fact that I was talking about her just last night with Rachel.

Hardly a waste of time!

Joshua and David are not on Facebook, yet

No time for Facebooking, we’ve got basketball to play.

Next thing you know I’ll be hanging out at Twitter.

Maybe not, there’s only so much coolness I can handle in one week. So, tell me, do you Facebook? If so, what do you like about it? Do you share photos, connect with friends, poke people? This is a new world for me. Share your wisdom and insight!

Project 366 – Day 192

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11 thoughts on “Facebook”

  1. It’s addictive…so like anything good, (icecream, frappacino’s, etc…)I would counsel you to set limits. Limits on time and limits on the amount of friends you allow. Facebook can become time consuming. After being on Facebook for awhile, I deleted many of the homeschooling friends I really didn’t know. Too many pokes to respond to…too many questionable emails. I only allow people I “know,”…long time friends such as those I really know at SHS and personal friends and family.

  2. I should say, that I have a Twitter account too. I mostly keep in touch with a group of Christian folks there who are in ministry. And I only check it once a day.
    It too, can get out of control!

  3. Oh my stars….I just recently caved and got a Facebook (hubby and I did MySpace a year ago) and I LOVE it. It is less trashy than MySpace (felt like I had to shower after trolling around there looking for people I knew) and much easier to find people (since they have to go by their given names, not some silly moniker they made up..like *Almost Famous* that’s mine, silly me).

    I have found that beside loving finding and connecting with friends from high school through now…I am completely addicted to the pieces of flair application. It will be a sad day when I start schooling them again, when will I have time for my computer addictions?

  4. I use Facebook.

    I also have dabbled with Twitter, but, quite frankly, I don’t have time to make that site useful. I really haven’t figured out a reason to Twitter if you’re not going to live on that site.

    I use Facebook (and other “social networking sites”) as a way to reconnect with people from my past, and keep up people in my life. My favorite feature is the one that tells me who’s birthday it is today. That way I can wish them a happy birthday. Without that feature, I would never remember anyone’s birthday.

    So, if you’re looking for another friend, come be mine!



  5. Haha, welcome to facebook. I’ve been on since shortly after my college got it in…2004. Okay, so it’s definitely not new to me. I like it for two reasons:
    1. it’s always changing (though lately the changes haven’t been so great), you just had a profile, couldn’t add any pictures, you were just you, and you had friends, and that was that
    2. I can stay connected with all my college friends. I can find out when they get engaged, get married, and have babies, and see pictures of it all.

  6. No I haven’t joined Facebook. Yet. I get tempted every now and then just so I can see what my younger cousins in high school are sharing there. Sometimes I worry that they put too much out there and I like playing the protective older cousin.

  7. I’m a ‘in-the-closet-facebooKie”! HeeHee…
    You’ll have to become my “friend”! Just type in my email and away you go! psalm25v4 at msn dot com
    In Him,

  8. I love Facebook! I joined through Liberty when you had to have a school address…it’s way better than MySpace – not as trashy and easier to navigate! A lot of our cousins are on there and I’ve reconnected with a ton of people from highschool! It’s been fun to see pictures of their families and to just catch up with everyone! It’s my lazy answer to non-blogging…………:) I’ll go add you and Tim as friends in a little bit…

  9. I think I am on there, I get emails all the time when friends join, but I have not really gotten into it. I think I also have a my space but didnt do much with it either, I am still hooked on blogging.

  10. I am on facebook and have been since last year. I’m also loving the Pieces of Flair application. I dont’ use it all that much, though. I have been trying to find High School friends from 25 years ago and haven’t had much luck. I don’t give Facebook too much of my time – maybe a half hour a week.

    Have a great day!

  11. Nope… haven’t joined and don’t really feel a need to at this moment… I suppose if I’m ever a little more caught up around here I could venture over there, but for now just keeping up my own blog and reading a dozen or so that I enjoy is all the free time I have right now. Sounds interesting though.

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