I’m Hungry

Is that a good or a bad sign?

I’ve been snacking my way through the summer and, unfortunately, the snacks are biting back. I’m up a good 8 or 10 pounds from several months ago. Not happy news or a pretty sight.

On Wednesday a few friends gathered to begin phase one (six weeks) of the Prism diet/plan/Bible study. My eating has been healthy, measured and recorded since then. I’ve been drinking lots of water and even managed to fit in a long walk.

Surely those extra pounds are nearly gone.

Ha! :Snort: Weep!

Okay, so I might have to go through more than one or two of the 6 week phases before I get this weight off. It will all be worth the work and mild hunger attacks.

Or so I keep telling myself.

As I pare down my eating and beef up my veggie intake (sorry, unintentional pun), recording it all as I go, I shudder to think just how many calories I was consuming over the last few months. That big bag of chips from Costco, for example, which I managed to consume nearly all by myself over the week of camp comes to mind.

Hmmm, you think there were a few calories in that “little” bag? Ever wonder why those 100 calorie snack bags seem really small? Yep, it turns out 100 calories (in potato chip counting) is pretty small.

So, I’m back to big salads, hearty vegetable dishes and careful eating. I appreciate the accountability of my Prism group and the knowledge that the woman leading the study has been successful in reaching her goal weight. The daily reading and study time (complete with wonderful, inspiring Bible verses) is encouraging me to tackle the mental as well as the physiological aspect of my food issues.

Meanwhile, I’ll go have some hot tea and skip the chips.


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5 thoughts on “I’m Hungry”

  1. My sympathies, Kathy! Self-control is the hardest thing sometimes, isn’t it? May the Lord enable you hour by hour to stay the course and be faithful to your guidelines.

  2. I’ll be interested in your Prism journey, Katherine. There are groups at my ‘old’ church and also Wooddale. I went to an intro class once long ago, but didn’t do the class. I’m in a bad eating spot and want to turn it around. I am on your side and love you dearly. Love, Aunt Kate

  3. ohhhh We are starting back on Weight Watchers and I know what you mean…the last month has brought lots of travel food…chips and food from the gas stations…and too much soda pop. So we are doing WW together and I am doing Curves. It’s a great program ;)

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