Tomato Promises

My how those tomatoes are growing.

Well, at least the plants themselves are growing. So far we don’t have any actual red fruit. Oh, there are a smattering of green globes here and there all over our back yard garden, but so far no edible tomatoes.

We want our tomatoes!

Look at the size of those tomato plants! Aren’t they impressive. And to think that Tim and the children started out with a little bit of dirt and some seeds. God’s bounty is truly amazing. We’ll have some tomatoes soon. I Promise.

Project 366 – Day 215

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7 thoughts on “Tomato Promises”

  1. Pretty plants!! I have just put the lst of Uncle Jerry’s tomatoes into the soup I have on the stove. WHEE.

    Love you all. Aunt Kate

  2. Wow! I am very impressed! Can Tim & Co. be hired out? We are at the end of our tomato plants…way too hot here this year and it burned all our plants at the beginning of the season… However, we are enjoying the yummy tomatoes that grew, and, of course, we’ve had blueberries like crazy this year!!!

  3. Did you remember to pinch out the side shoots? We started our plants after yours and we’re getting lots of red fruit. You seem to have let them grow very bushy. This will reduce the amount of fruit and slow down their ripening.

  4. Yes, I’ve pruned them all three times, but it is true, I’ve let them grow bushier than I ought. I think part of it might be the weather — but I have let them get away from me. Truth is, there are so darn many plants (I’ve got at least 70 plants) that I’ve had a hard time just keeping up with the watering. Maybe next year I’ll learn moderation … heh heh. :)

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