A Visiting Dignitary

On Wednesday one of Joshua’s oldest friends flew into town for a visit. David’s mom, a few years older than me, was one of my spiritual mentors while I was in high school and college. She sang at my wedding and has been a dear friend for many years. Last summer while we were visiting David’s family in Michigan, we casually discussed the idea of David coming to Washington for a visit some time.

swimming in MI

Joshua, David and a random little brother hit the pool hard last June.

“Sure! We’d love to have him,” I said enthusiastically. It’ll never happen, I thought to myself. This is just one of those friendly, polite comments people make when they want to convey their affection.

“Mom,” Joshua said to me several months later, “David and I have been writing back and forth. You know, letters with paper, envelopes and stamps, I’m sure you’ve heard of the US Postal Service. Anyway, he mentioned something about coming to visit this summer. I told him which weeks were good for us. I just wanted to let you know.”

“Mmmm, that’s nice dear,” I responded, giving him my “absolute full attention” while making dinner, listening to my new cd and refereeing a fight between Daniel and Rachel. “Those boys, full of wild plans,” I mused.

Three weeks ago I received a voice mail from Nancy, David’s mom. “Kathy, we’re so excited. We’ve got reservations for David. How is the third week of August? Call me back. We’re buying the tickets tonight!”

What?? I was truly delighted, yet a little surprised. I didn’t really believe they would send David all the way across the country (okay, partly across the US) to see Joshua. What a treat! Joshua and I made plans to fill the time and show David some of our favorite parts of Washington.

Get off the island, David!

great jump!

Sometimes you have to push those good friends OFF!

Prospective Activities

1) An afternoon at the lake
2) An overnight in the Duckabush
3) A hike up around Mt. Rainier
4) A day in Seattle
5) As many board games as we can fit in between our adventuring.

back from the lake

The Duckabush River is COLD! These boys actually went IN the river. Brrrrr.

Perfect! It doesn’t hurt that the weather has been gorgeous this week. Lots of sunshine and warm days. In fact, it might be just a little too warm for Joshua. He prefers the typical Washington climate which hovers in the low 60′s. And he actually likes rain.

We’ve greatly enjoyed David so far. He’s polite, helpful and pleasant to be around (he and Joshua even made dinner tonight). The only grievance against him is that he is actually taller than Joshua, and has been for quite a while.

“He cheats,” Joshua confided. “Both his parents are rather tall.”

Tim and I aren’t pipsqueaks, but we both felt rather diminished by the comparison.

Apart from that, though, David is good company (he’s a gamer) and a great friend for Joshua. Into every relationship, a little rain must fall, I guess.

Anyone else want to come for a visit?

Call first!

Project 366, Day 228

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10 thoughts on “A Visiting Dignitary”

  1. I’ll come to see Daniel. Just prepare the garage and I’ll be fine. Oh, and remember to stock up on donuts, Norwegian dunut taste like rotton suger maxied with rubber.

  2. Me me me! I want to visit!
    The kids think this lake place you have posted so many pictures of looks like tons of fun. Are you sure it is warm enough to go swimming in WA? In a lake? :) hahaha, just kidding.

  3. I might be coming your way in the Spring w/ my husband to a conference:)

    I’m impressed that these young men got it together to make a plan and see it through.

  4. We all want to come. What fun! Yea for David traveling to WA to visit dear Joshua. Love you, Aunt Kate

  5. Actually, David is just the advance guard checking out the Duckabush situation. It looks like he is having so much fun that our whole family (all seven of us) might descend on the Edgren family and stay for a week or two!!

  6. What FUN! I should have you put me on your calendar for Nov! My friend and I are coming to the scrapbooking convention out there again this year!

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