Enjoying the Time

It’s hard to be thoughtful and insightful when I’m blogging late at night.

butterfly village

I was awake, hours ago, at the science center.

rachel's my butterfly

Oh the other hand, the dishes are washed, the laundry is drying, and tomorrow’s lunch is made. That’s worth a pat on the back or at least a nap in the comfy chair.

I’m afraid the children are tired of living in photographic bloggy land. They no longer find my endless snap shot sessions amusing. What can I do to fix this? The younger two still pose cheerfully but the older kids are just plain not interested.

i'm grumpy!

Sometimes the kids will help by posing with grumpy faces.

Do you force your kids to pose? Sit nicely and smile? Can they run and hide?

I’m worried that I might be missing some special pictures because the family has got photo-fatigue.

a round of Bang

If I beg and plead (and bribe) the kids usually let me snap their pictures, but it costs me big!

Any thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “Enjoying the Time”

  1. Wow, look at Rachel’s earrings. Does she love them? Is she into her contacts? How are they working?

    I love your kids- whatever poses they share! AK

  2. You could just tell them the alternative is to let you take all candid shots instead, so if they’d like pictures of them online with mouths wide open, about to take a bite, rather than smiling, that’s their decision. :) Maybe that would help?? I LOVE seeing the pictures of my beautiful nieces and nephews and hope they never end!

  3. I say your kids are entirely normal….that is if you compare them to my kids and their absolute loathing of me taking pictures of them. Yep……bribing works rather well. (most of the time) As a matter of fact, Anna owes me a 20 shot photo shoot complete with beautiful smiles and no whining. (I must have said yes to something wonderful) :o)

    I have pictures from the butterfly house at the Science Center from just the other day too. (your pictures were from the butterfly house weren’t they?)

  4. Kathy, we take some “say cheese” type pictures, but I take more that are just candids…the kids don’t seem to notice that way. I’m not sure they are as good as posed photos, but so far, no one has gotten sick of me and the camera.

  5. In photography class we learned a lot about taking candid shots. There are some tricks… like holding the camera down at your side. Angle it up and just snap away hoping you catch a good one. I’ve been known to hold the camera over my shoulder etc. ANYTHING but putting the camera up to my eye which is a sure fire way to send the kids running!

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