You May Be Tall But …

I changed your diaper.

Sometimes there are irrational, odd thoughts racing around my mind. I’m not proud of them. Mostly I manage to keep them all to myself.

how'd they get so tall?

Next thing you know they’ll be asking for my car keys. Gasp!

Tonight Joshua and I drove our visiting guest to the airport. Looking at the pictures of me flanked by these tall young men with their deepening voices, long legs and huge feet I couldn’t help but think one thing:

I knew you both when you were babies with chubby cheeks and kissable toes…I changed your diapers.

I know, it’s embarrassing and a bit shocking – such talk should be avoided at all costs. I can’t help it. I’m a mother and the years have raced on ahead of me. I see the handsome, godly grownups you are becoming, but in the shadow, visible if I peer closely, I still see my firstborn baby and his little friend.

Give me your sword

Sigh. Go on, grow up. There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it.

Help me!

You can tell I accept my aging gracefully.

Project 366 – Day 232

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10 thoughts on “You May Be Tall But …”

  1. Kathy,
    This is an adorable blog. I remember Joshua when he was a tiny baby in Stamford too!

    And you may be getting older but you are still a hottie!

    Kathy, I also loved the blog about Rachel and horse camp — your daughter truly has such a sweet smile.

    Thanks for sharing your life with us and the great pictures!

  2. Gorgeous picture of you, Katherine, with the two tall boys, young men.

    I remember ‘when’ also. I know I am aging, but surely YOU are NOT.

    I love you. Soon you’ll be with dear Cindy and the sun! I’m so wishing I could join y’all. Love, Aunt Kate

  3. You don’t suppose that *MY* boys will ever look like that, do you???

    Great pictures, Kathy. Thanks for the update. Hope the boys had a good time together!

  4. I use that exact same line as my little cousins start to tower over me. And right then one of my aunts will pass by and turn to me and say, “Yeah, but I’ve changed your diaper and survived being bitten by YOU!” just to put me back in my place in the family pecking order.

  5. Wow! They do stand tall. We just measured all the kids and marked it on the door. I fear I’ll be looking up to some of my girls before too long. Gulp.

  6. It is a little scary how fast they grow up. Within the next year I will have two flying the nest. Very strange and yet, somehow, satisfying…like you have reached a goal and are ready to work on some new ones.

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