First Day of School

Well, we started school today! Our homeschooling co-op began last week, but today was the first official day of our family school.

Look at the kind of students I’m getting.

1st grader
Princess Sarah
6th grader
Valiant Dan

2nd grader

Cheerful David

I’m exhausted already. Is it Friday yet?

We’ve got charts and schedules, new instructor’s guides, fresh books, old textbooks we’re trying to finish up, and much more.

We started the day out with a big breakfast – hot cocoa, chocolate chip pancakes, and Aggkaka. We’re back on track with our Life Skills so I’ve decided to expand the responsibilities to include meal prep. Daniel is my breakfast worker this week so he helped select our menu and prepare things.

breakfast's ready

If I look a little blurry it’s just because it was early and there was a serious lack of coffee.

The breakfast was a big hit. In fact, at least two children asked me, in dreamy voices, if we were going to have good breakfasts like that every day from now on.

Right. That’s NOT going to happen.

“I liked it when we were in Texas and Mamie made us breakfast every morning,” one of the spoiled children said when we returned home from our trip south last week.

“Oh, oh,” Joshua chimed in, “what about the way she planned and started dinner in the morning. Wasn’t that wonderful.” I swear the child was nearly drooling at the memory.

high schooler!!

My 9th grader!! Gasp!

Since we don’t have a live-in maid, cook, or grandmother, we have to do the work ourselves. Daniel was an excellent assistant this morning and Rachel stepped up to make tuna sandwiches for the family at lunch time. She even convinced me using paper plates would be a good idea. “It would get us right back on track with school, Mom, we won’t have to lose any time washing dishes.”

These kids are smooth, I tell you, very smooth.

middle schooler

How did I end up with a junior high aged daughter?

We worked very hard today to stay on track with our new schedule. Tim’s great contribution to our new school year: A school bell.

Yes, we now have a bell that rings (from the pink laptop) every half an hour. This is an attempt to keep us (and primarily ME) on task and help with the multiple subjects (and students) I’m trying to teach.

Annoying or brilliant?

School Bell

Too soon to determine.


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9 thoughts on “First Day of School”

  1. Mmmm, we love Aggkaka. When the kids had to leave to go to school, I tried really hard to make them a nice hot breakfast each morning.
    Nowadays, since we are all staying home, it tends to be just cereal, yogurt and toast. Sometimes I will still make breakfast, but not nearly as often! That definitely requires me to get up and get going earlier.

    Hang in there Kathy, you will get in a groove!

  2. Hey, I thought the school bell was a great idea! When I asked at supper-time, “Who thinks the best part of the day was the bell?”, I saw at least three hands. (OK, maybe two of them were mine, but still.)

    I had such fun with it. Working from home yesterday, I would run downstairs every time I heard the bell, and start shouting: “There was the bell! What are you supposed to be doing next? Where’s the schedule?” I think there should be more shouting in general — why should kids get all the fun?

  3. LOL about the bell. And paper plates are a GREAT thing! We use them for as many meals as possible this time of the year.

  4. Oh.. and another thing we do is get a fresh plastic cup out each morning. One for each of us with our name on it. Each one using the same one all day long – rinsing it out as necessary… Toss out at night and start with a new fresh one the next day. I’m sure it saves us about 18 glass washings a DAY!

  5. Even though we’re not homeschooling anymore, I’m going to love reading your details and living vicariously through you.
    In return, you are welcome to live vicariously through us. We’ll tell you all about visits to the principal’s office, wetting pants in gym class, and school lunches (YAY Salisbury Steak Day!!! Seriously, they love it).

    If you leave the bell going all day, it’ll help you keep track of time passing while you’re doing other things too. Like spending too much time blogging or darning socks.

  6. Looks like a spectacular breakfast…err… first day of school. Congrats on entering the wonderful world of high school. I’m still dreaming of your pink laptop – and Mike is rolling his eyes at me. I’m threatening to buy a pink mouse. ::snort::

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