A Civil Skirmish

Today, the kids and I attended a Civil War Re-enactment at a State Park about 90 minutes from our home. With only about 150 soldiers (both sides combined) it was more of a skirmish than a war, but that didn’t stop ‘em.

Conferderate Zoave Soldiers
The Confederate Army carried the day, mostly because of superior artillery support.

We all had a good time, viewing the battle and touring the encampments. Many of the Civil War buffs were available for questions, and would hold forth on their role in the battle or camp for 20 minutes at a time, much to the dismay of David and Sarah.

Photo op with a Union Cavalry officer
This man must be a lot tougher than he looks, because he was shot dozens of times and stayed in the saddle.

Project 366, Day 271

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5 thoughts on “A Civil Skirmish”

  1. I didn’t know they did this outside of the South and the actual battlegrounds! I guess it’s what happens when people move…there are big Civil War buffs without an outlet!

  2. Yes, I was surprised by the fact that you can see a Civil War renactment nowhere near where the Civil War took place! But I’ll bet it was interesting. I have yet to take my troops to Gettysburg (our closest CW site).

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