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It’s not that I don’t want to blog regularly, it’s just that I need sleep. And I need to educate my children. They also produce a vast amount of dirty laundry, dishes, and general clutter. Those things combined with a strange blogger’s block, has kept me rather silent on the blog of late.

It's Advent Time!!

December 1st brings with it our fun Advent calendars.

I’m afraid I also struggle with the occasional bouts of intense bloggy insecurity.

This should be the FUNNIEST blog ever!
No, wait, it should be an amazing HOMESCHOOL blog, full of resources, tips and curriculum reviews.
But don’t forget the spiritual emphasis, really the blog needs to be deep and meaningful.
And the photos, those should be stunning and creative.
What about popular? Of course, I want to have the most read and commented upon blog EVER.

That’s a lot of pressure to put on one little blog. It’s enough to send a girl scrambling for the bed covers, sneaking chocolate at an alarming rate.

sarah's a helper

Sarah was a big Advent prep helper. She put together calendars and got things ready for our Advent fun.

Thankfully none of you dear readers put those expectations on the blog, so I can just pick up the keyboard and jump back into my writing. I’ve missed you! I’ve missed the conversations and the mental challenge of crafting my posts. Frankly I’ve missed the quiet evenings when I have the house (and computer) to myself.

What about you? If you are a blogger, do you write daily? Weekly? How much time do you devote to reading other people’s blogs. If I’m not careful, the computer tries to eat up great chunks of our homeschool day, and then, not satisfied, it wants to snatch away precious family time. Greedy computer and the cyberworld it dangles before me.

David and Caedie

David and Caedie are great friends and they were sad to see co-op come to an end last week.

It’s December 8th and I’m determined to enjoy the holiday season! I want to take pleasure in each day and savor the anticipation of Christmas, the wonder of Christ’s birth, and the joy of my family. Tomorrow is Rachel’s birthday (excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor – how did my sweet little girl become a teenager??), and the month is full of one activity after another. I’m praying for balance and a child-like joy.


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13 thoughts on “A Rambling Blog”

  1. No time to read carefully this morning. GREAT to see your blog back. But please please please- sleep, teach,clean lst.
    I love you Edgrens. Aunt Kate

  2. I do like to post daily (except Sundays, usually), but really I only write a few days a week, writing multiple posts those days. It’s just what works for me. I try not to get overwhelmed with writing or reading, as it’s just a hobby. No “has to get done” here. I really enjoy reading posts, but I cut myself off when I have other things to do and just let the posts pile up in the reader. I always make the time to view my favorite blogs first, and then go down from there.

  3. Welcome back Kathy! I’ve missed you, but understand that the needs of your family come first. Have a wonderful, joyous, blessed holiday season!

  4. I only have about 15-20 mins of blog reading in the a.m… maybe a few quick little other times here and there if the kids are occupied for a few minutes. Fortunately, I type very fast and have mastered having several windows open at the same time so I don’t have to spend any seconds waiting for blogs to load.. they load while I read the one before it.. I finish reading click comment and start the other one loading while I go on to the next one that already loaded….

    I don’t have a lot of time for personal blogging mostly because of my wacky workflow regarding pictures which I plan to post about SOON!

  5. Caedie must be a pretty good friend, to put up with David’s head-lock. :)

    I’m glad you got a chance to write some, beloved. Does this have anything to do with the fact that you came to bed at 6:20 am?

  6. Well, there was some reluctance on David and Caedie’s part when I asked them to hug for the picture, but they look awfully cheerful. David is blessed to have lots of good friends.

    Hey, there Tim, you’re going to give me a terrible reputation. Maybe I came to bed at that time, but I had been sleeping soundly downstairs on the comfy couch. :)

  7. i’m glad you’re back, kathy. but totally understand that LIFE comes first, as well as the pressure, oh the pressure! but i think you are too hard on yourself as i LOVE your blog and i think alot of others do too.

    i probably spend way too much time reading blogs, and i try to blog 4-5x a week. but its therapy for me. plus, i’m an aspiring writer and i figure it’s practice.

    i’m sorry i never found that recipe for you. did you find an adequate substitute? i not only lost that book in the move, i also lost a bunch of scarves, hats and mittens–ugh! and we had our first snow yesterday with more to come this weekend. so i’m hurriedly knitting a scarf for myself.

    be blessed, gail in idaho

  8. Greedy computers, indeed. I was surprised at how lost I felt when mine was down for a few days recently–like my security blanket had been lost. Maybe that’s what it is, my little piece of sanity in a world filled with laundry, dishes, etc…

  9. Happy Birthday, Rachel. It’s my birthday too!

    Good to see you keeping your priorities priorities, Kathy. I love to read your posts, but would hate it if writing them were taking away from your family.

  10. ** I’m not careful, the computer tries to eat up great chunks of our homeschool day, and then, not satisfied, it wants to snatch away precious family time.**

    So true….finding the balance between reading and writing is tough for me. I WANT to read….my family wants me to WRITE….so I tend to write first and then spend whatever extra moments I can find reading. I’ve set strict boundaries to beat back the monster…..writing has become a “big rock” as family far away really does miss the photos etc when I don’t blog….reading is something fun for ME and so when things are busy…..I write first and hope to read once or twice a week.

    I love what you write – whenever you write.

  11. Hi Kathy,

    I like to blog nearly every day. I get up when my husband does which is typically about 3 hours before we start our school day. I just happen to like this time of the day…in the quiet to toodle around the blog world.

    This is when my creativity is at its highest…after that it gets all burned up on teaching math that I never learned when I was in school….lol.

    I like just reading whatever is on people’s minds on any given day…no pressure…

    Thanks for being honest…

    Becky K.

  12. I try to post on my blog M-F, occassionallly Saturday. I have a few bloggy carnivals that I like to participate in, so that helps with “what” to write on particular days.

    I don’t get to visit my fave blogs as often as I would like, and i’m often interrupted by my little one when leaving comments, like just now.

    i remind myself that blogging is only a hobby. other things are more important than hobbies.

  13. I so understand what you’re saying. Truly… it’s a dilemma I face many times.

    I write a post everyday (or almost everyday) but many times they are full of photos or videos – i really write probably just 4 times a week or so. I participate in carnivals for interaction because if I don’t I do not get much comment (I have a very few Real Life friends who reads my blog and even less who comment).

    Blogging for me is a hobby but I also am trying to develop one blog to help supplement out income (A MAUI BLOG). Liza’s Eyeview remains my hobby/friend blog.

    I don’t get to comment much and if I do it’s usually very short (but I like doing quick readings of blog posts)

    This is probably one of the longest comment I’ve ever left on a blog.


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